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Drake and Rick Ross

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After releasing his Drake diss, “Champagne Moments,” Rick Ross took to social media to troll Drake throughout the day. Drake then responded with a text he sent his mother claiming that Ross is “racist” and “angry” after taking weight loss medicine.

Rick Ross is always a sight to be seen on social media and might hold the crown for the funniest rapper online. After releasing his Drake diss track, “Champagne Moments,” Ross spent the rest of his weekend trolling the rapper over his alleged Dr. Miami visits.

As previously reported, Rick Ross claimed that “white boy” Drake had a nose job and ab etching surgery to get a six-pack.


According to Complex, Drake invited the trolling and posted text screenshots with his mother on his InstaStory who questioned if he went under the knife without her.

“It’s coming from Rick Ross the guy I did songs with he’s gone loopy off the Mounjaro he hasn’t eaten in days and it’s turned him angry and racist he’s performing at proms for money it’s bad don’t worry we’ll handle it,” Drake told his mom Sandy Graham.

After the texts were released, Rozay responded in typical fashion showcasing his property while addressing Drake’s response. Ross gave props to the rapper’s “beautiful ” mom and said he has no animosity towards her, but added that Drake can’t “run to her” now.

“White boy, you got a Chevy, white boy? I doubt it,” Ross said in the clip. “But, anyway, big nose. Boy you had 25% body fat with a carved-out six piece. Stop, we know what time it is. Sh*t cost 40 bands. Stop, but tell your momma… tell your old girl she a beautiful lady.”

“I told you that before and I meant that, but you tell your momma, white boy, you stayed out at the park too late and you can’t call her when you get in this sh*t. This sh*t too deep to call your momma, white boy.”

Later in the evening, Rick Ross enjoyed his night on the town while continuing to poke fun at not only Drake but Birdman as well. While on a yacht, Ross pointed out where Birdman’s former Miami home was located seemingly alluding to Birdman allegedly losing the house due to financial trouble.

That’s not all, however, Rick Ross later uploaded a video of himself listening to Travis Scott and Drake’s hit single “Sicko Mode.”

“Who wrote this, you’ll never guess who wrote this,” he said seemingly hinting that he penned Drake’s verse for him or knows who did.


To end the night Ross begged Drake to hurry up and drop his response or wave the white flag.

Rozay is certainly one of those people who will not let up on their bullying once you get them started. You can hang Rozay’s jersey in the Trolling Hall of Fame alongside 50 Cent’s.

What do YOU think he’ll say next?


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