Stephen A. Smith x Will Smith X Chris Rock

Stephen A. Smith , Will Smith, & Chris Rock – Source: Getty Images / Image usage courtesy of Getty Images, Robyn Beck, Kevin Winter

Stephen A. Smith revealed he’s struggling with the idea of supporting Will Smith in Bad Boys: Ride Or Die after he slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars

Despite what one side of social media predicted Will Smith is bigger than ever and all signs point to him adding another summer blockbuster to his resume. On March 27, 2022, Will Smith delivered the slap heard around the world to Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards which aired live.


Since the slap Will has apologized and Chris Rock was paid well to touch on the topic for his special Selective Outrage. While they have seemingly moved past the encounter the only question left is if the general public has moved on.

According To Stephen A. Smith’s YouTube Channel, he thinks people like himself are still struggling with the idea of supporting Will Smith in Bad Boys: Ride Or Die. He even suggests rumors the movie is going to struggle are correct.

Also, SAS claims he wouldn’t be surprised if the movie “plummeted” at the box office.

“Could the lack of presales be because people have not forgiven Will Smith for that? That slap right there? How much you want to make it better does. And this is why I wanted to have this discussion with I want to emphasize that right now, as we see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on the circuit promoting this new film.” said Stephen A.

Please keep in mind this was said before the movie opened in theaters. However,  reportedly the film has been on fire since releasing and trending towards summer blockbuster status.

“I’m just saying a lot of folks ain’t get over what happened.” Stephen A. alleged before taking it a step further. “Lots of folks find it hard to just go to the movies to watch you. Im one of those people and I never missed a Will Smith movie.”

Stephen A. Smith spent most of his rant suggesting Will Smith should address the slap situation directly for people like him. SAS claims that would help get people into the theater to see Bad Boys: Ride Or Die. Unfortunately for Stephen A. and his opinion, the movie is receiving rave reviews, dominating the box office and the majority of people couldn’t care less about the slap in 2024



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