Jesus Take The Wheel: More Details Surface In The Torched Family Murder-Suicide

- By Bossip Staff

More details emerge as family members speak out on the story of an entire family who were allegedly murdered in their home that was afterwards set on fire by the eldest son, who had also slit his own throat:

The handwriting on the “am sorry” note found in the charred remains of a Staten Island murder-suicide appears to match that of the dead mother — not the teen pyromaniac believed to be responsible for the fire and slaughter of his entire family, sources close to the investigation said. Investigators compared the badly burned note to writings in Leisa Jones’ journal, which was found at the scene, and believed they found a match, according to two sources.

But a high-level police source said authorities still could not say who wrote the note or killed the family, only that all signs were still pointing to the oldest son, C.J. Romoy, 14. The note — much of which is impossible to read because of fire damage — was found fused to a butane lighter in the same room as the bodies of Jones and three of her four children. “The identity of the author of the note remains unknown,” another police source said.
The mystery surrounding the note’s author comes as C.J.’s heartbroken father told The Post yesterday there was no way his son was responsible — and he pointed the finger at his ex.

“If anybody could’ve done it, it would’ve been the mother because of her temper,” Earlston Raymond said at his home in Jamaica.
The devastated dad, who hadn’t seen his son in almost seven years, said a close friend of Jones called him after the tragedy to say the mom earlier told her that “she was going to kill the youths and burn the house down.” Raymond said he broke it off with Jones because of her anger issues and flashes of violence. “[Jones] had pulled a knife on a relative,” Raymond said.
It’s not clear why, but C.J. also spoke with his dad about moving back to Jamaica. “I talked to him the Tuesday before he died, he was a happy kid,” Raymond said.

But Jones’ close friend, Shaquawna Meaders, said she was, “a great mom.” “She’s not capable of something like this,” said Meaders, 25.
Cops think C.J. slit the throats of his two sisters, Melony, 7, and Brittany, 10, at their Nicholas Avenue home Thursday morning and then set the fatal fire that killed his brother, Jermaine, 2. The troubled teen’s throat was slit as well, and a straight razor with a missing handle was found under his arm.
Police believe C.J. slashed his own throat after killing his sisters, but his official cause of death, along with his mother’s is still pending.

C.J. had been suspended from school for three months for discipline problems, which included shoving an assistant principal. He’d also been kicked out of public pool for setting a fire a day before his family was killed.

So sad.


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  • whatever

    The father hadn’t seen the son in 7yrs, how does he know what he is or isn’t capable of??????

  • Greeneyedbandit


  • no problem

    This is sad I’m just going to pray for the remaining family thru this trying time.

  • lilbabiphat2004

    the dad hasnt seen his son in forever so how does he know what going on in his sons head. they should have given that firebug some help.

  • Panther

    So they don’t know if the mom or the son did it? and why was the dad away so long? this is crazy she needed help with that little boy she should have gotten him evaluated and pushed yes i do mean pushed for the lines of communication to be open with the father and son.Ladies we do need help raising these children (boy or girl).Let’s try to make it easy on ourselves and the father learn how to Co parent if you’re not together lol it took me a minute but i got the hang of it lol

  • MissCandyce

    Do you really think that child would cut his on throat?! Come on now, I didn’t believe that one bit.

  • Lisa

    I don’t believe this little boy did it. To me, it seems like either the mother did it, or someone was trying to get at mom. All 3 of her kids–minus the baby–throats were slashed. The cops suspect the mother and baby died of smoke inhalation. My guess is that somethings was going on with th mother, and perhaps she was overwhelmed with all of these kids and snapped.

  • Lyoness

    @MissCandyce – Co-sign!! That struck me too in the original story. Usually when people commit suicide they take pills, or cut their wrists. Even then there are some hesitation marks. I don’t understand how the police can’t decipher btw the handwriting of a grown woman and a 14 y/o boy. That note must have been charred.

    Lord, Bless that poor little family… Mental health issues in minority communities need to be addressed. It shouldn’t be a secret shameful thing. Even immigrant/ethnic communities too like that lady who drowned both of her autistic children. People need help but are just ashamed to ask for it.

  • Lisa

    Why was the baby spared the razor? Where is the father? The cops need to find the father and question his relationship with the mother. It seems like the older kids were sacrificed.

  • Truth Hurths Of Course

    This deranged kid was responsible.The father was an absentee and obviously doesn’t know what the fluck he’s talking about.
    SMH @ people acting like a 14 year old kid could never do this.He was a known fire-starter.That’s his trademark.End of story.

  • Aword2thawise

    Typical brotha!!! Now this chick is crazy and pulling knives on people so he runs back 2 Jamaica and leaves his son wit her for 7 years? Why not fight her for custody and take his son wit him? It’s so easy for a brotha 2 abandon his kids. SMH! I seriuosly wonder how this boys life would have been different if his father had been around for him. U black men gotta start doing better by your kids……..

  • nwilson

    I Do not know who did this but, it sounds to me like the young man had some mental issues. Why was no help given to him for this? I see people laughing at people with mental illness all of the time. It’s not funny. People think that its the person with mental illness problem and their families. IT’S NOT! It’s EVERYBODY’S problem. People need to start getting on their legislators so that they can stop cutting off aid to fund services for the mentally ill.

  • germzy

    this is so sad on so many levels. Obviously this family was going some shit. And smh at the dad who hadnt seen his son in 7 years. that right there is the problem.

  • Ritz08

    Devastated father? How can he be devastated when he hasn’t seen his son in 7 years? I hope the family can find comfort in this time of distress.

  • chi chi

    i live in staten island not far from where it happen n im sayin this lil boy did not do this….someone set this up knowing he has been gettin introuble messing around with fire…the need to do a long investigation bcus it was not him n everybody on the island kno’s that

  • ReALiSt AKA ReALeSt (I tHiNk I'm MaRcUs GaRvEy,TuPaC,BoB MaRLeY,FeLa KuTi = ReVoLuTiOn)

    R.I.P to the dead!!!! Life ain’t easy!!



  • Ava

    The kid was definitely troubled. The mother lacked the resources and support to raise the kids so it’s without question he was troubled. However, I do not believe that this child did what the police and the media allege: 1) light a fire; 2) slit his siblings throats; 3) slit his own throat; 4) place the straight razor under the matress and lie comfortably for death to come. Additional facts have emerged that make this crazy theory sound even more ridiculous. The throats of the mother and the baby were not cut, the mother and baby were found on the floor seemingly trying to exist before they died and the mother most likely wrote the note. Also, pills were found in the child’s system. I don’t think the kid was capable of doing what they alleged — who can slit their own throat and place the
    knife under a mattress and wait to die. I’m not sure who murdered this family, but my best guess is that an adult was involved

  • Passing on Bad DNA to Kids

    Typical response from family members or close loved-ones because their hearts & emotions have a defense mechanism that protects distraught people from the consequences that comes along with believing the truth. It is easier living in denial & focusing on the positives and happier things or moments about a person. As time goes on and healing takes place and the mind is in a better place, people have to come to terms with the truth.

    With respect to passing on bad DNA, you have to be careful who you lay up with because they could potentially become the mother or father of your child. In this case, Mom seemed to have a history of anger/violence problems. She passed her issues and mental problems on to her son. It is usually the other way around where chickens hook up with pathetic, dysfunctional goons with game who only make their body feel good. Thus, planting bad seeds or bad DNA in their offspring. Stop the madness in the black community. Stop hooking up with people who have bad DNA (issues, low IQs, and unattractive). A large subgroup or population of the black community needs an overhaul. It is time for change!

  • diamondshellayellafella

    I hate this site because the people on here always make it a race thing- minorities need to get checked this and are scared to go the that. CRAZY knows no color or race and it isn’t a group of people that isn’t getting checked its that one person. White men kill their wives ( pregnant laci peterson) and families as well. And in certain country’s they have honor killing. Crazy yes…. A racial issue no!!!

  • Passing on Bad DNA to Kids

    the censored word word is “pa*s*s*ed.”

  • statim08

    People in denial. Warning signs ignored. This or some similar scenario was unfortunately inevitable.

  • xoxoxo

    I said in the the original story that i thought the mother may have been responsible for this, I couldn’t see a 14 year old slitting his own throat while the mothers throat wasn’t slashed.

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!



    Are there any immediate family members left?

    And if anyone decides to answer me, please don’t say yes and tell me the father ’cause he hasn’t seen the son in 7 years!

    That’s 1/2 of that poor soul’s life.


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