Drake MTV VMA Promo: This Dude Thinks He’s As Cool As Frank Sinatra… GTFOH!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Drake and Nicki Minaj have taken over the promo for this year’s MTV VMAs. Nicki came with the Susie Homemaker act and Drizzy has turned on his Frank Sinatra steez but can he really pull it off…

Frank Sinatra was a “bad mother… shut yo mouth”… Do you think Drake succeeded???

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  • http://facebook Armani Summer

    Hell no! Lls

    • ASF

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  • It's Me

    Do u playa..

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  • It's Me

    Do u playa..

  • suge knight

    This niga is smooth as baby lotion and powder. You dont cut it.

  • http://twitter.com/lili23ane Prissy

    OMG! Let the man live. He is doing his thing.

    • HBkid*

      i agree!!

  • juliemango

    Drake looks hot!!!

  • Me

    That’s it – I’m tired of this as*hole’s attitude…STFU Drake

    • Kekelove

      I totally agree I had his number a long time ago he is sooooo LAME! WHACK! CORNY! oh I am so tired of this guy will the real talent please stand up.

  • Elena

    he looks like he’s not going to age well.

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  • J's World


    Ur right he doesn’t look like he’s going to age well…he looks 30ish already smh

  • 504Bitch!

    He looks like a pug!

  • Black MYstory

    Do Right And Kill Everything

  • just my opinion

    I would have to disagree. Frank s. Is an icon because you walked the trail to success. I’m not discounting drakes work because he obviously put his in. Frank has years and years of experience on his craft and had a natural swag that just was. I’m not sure that is the case with drake. In the big scheme of things, drake is still a newbie. To compare him to frank would be like comparing him to Wayne. Good, but no comparison. Perhaps drake will be called a “great,” but right now he needs to stay on the grind.

  • cindy

    Just fine – I get it – cool

  • Scope

    i wanna see lightskin guys make a return but drake really aint helpin ya’ll you need a new mascot 🙂

  • gossip_guru

    lmfao @Scope. these pics are cool. he looks better in black and white..i dont think he’s as bad as Frank. Drake got a lot more to prove to get that title..

  • Whatever

    Drake is ugly. The end.

  • little sexy

    he is cool i don’t like that he stepped in the beef with lil kim and nicki menage. little wayne don’t fight at all. lil kim will send her goons for nicki. i like kim but she done fell off especailly doing dancing with the stars lame. this when you know your career is over.

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  • bewtifull

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  • Jay

    I SWEAR this guy is SO FREAKING OVERRATED, people are acting like he is the second coming of Jesus.

    • Kekelove

      Thank you for noticing this I thought I was alone. I am so tired of people calling him a triple threat he isn’t. First and foremost his singing is terrible the rapping is alright; but lets not forget about an artist who sang and rapped on her 1998 LP the miseducation of Lauyrn Hill it was truly a master piece. Drake is a joke seriously.

  • LadyJNewYork

    I like Drake, of course he has a way to go to reach Frank Sinatra’s status…but he’s alright by me.

  • Ari

    Definitely succeeds!

  • emaja

    i think everyone , who is saying drake is this and drake is that is a hater . shut up and go some where dag . he just tryna make a living like everyone else and i dont blame him . times are tough , give him a break .

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