Jesus Take The Wheel: Pitbulls Attack Pregnant Woman In Florida

- By Bossip Staff

This is crazy, people can’t even walk around safely in their own neighborhoods because some irresponsible pet owners don’t keep their dangerous dogs locked up!

Dee Dee Olizia was going for her usual morning stroll around the block on Moore Street Saturday morning, when she ran into double trouble. “I was walking by myself and I saw two dogs wander down the street. I was afraid, I’m afraid of dogs and I don’t like dogs. The way I saw them coming I knew they was going to attack me,” DeeDee said.

Moments later both pitbulls lunged at DeeDee who is about 8 months pregnant. “They jumped on me.” DeeDee screamed as loud as she could. Neighbors like Kim Kline ran to help, “I got my baseball bat in my car in the back seat and I sprinted on fast as I could for a full block.”

By the time Kline and others got there it was too late. “One of her legs had gouges in it. One of the dogs had grabbed a hold of her and was ripping skin off of her and the gouges must have been 3″ long and 3″ wide,” Kline said.

DeeDee laid on the ground. “They asked me if I was ok I told them no and they called the ambulance for me.”

DeeDee says she knows who owns the dogs. “They were lying, they said that’s not their dog.”

Animal control impounded the dogs and left a notice for the owner on a telephone pole. “If they don’t claim the dog I hope they put them to sleep.”

As DeeDee went through a very traumatizing experience, she was most worried about her little girl to be. “They said the baby’s ok,” DeeDee said.

Animal Control says the pitbulls have been quarantined. The owner faces a $1,000 fine if he or she comes forward.

With that kind of fine, do you think the people who own the dogs are coming forward?

SMH. This is just horrible — this young woman is now at risk of infection and who knows what else thanks to her neighbor’s irresponsibility. At the same time, she should consider herself lucky. We’ve seen other victims of dog attacks get ripped up a lot worse!

Do you think pitbulls are too dangerous to adopt as pets? Or is it more likely that some people are just training the dogs to do all the wrong things?


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  • kerry

    Some people don’t know how to raise pits or keep them properly. Most spend no time being exercised, played with or socialized. It is the owners that are the animals.

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  • j

    People should not be allowed to have pitbulls as pets. They are way to dangerous. The owners should face more than a 1000 dollar fine, I mean that lady could have died!

  • Cool

    Pits are actually great pets if responsible owners took the time to properly socialize them….I see so many of these clowns get pits b/c of the tough reputation but they don’t train them or teach them how to be familiar with people so the first time they get loose they attack the first person they see….the owners should get some jail time in my opinion.

  • Walter

    Pit Bulls make perfect pets. I own one, and he is one of the most playful and lovable dogs. It’s people like those neglectful home owners who give Pit Bulls a bad name.

  • QUE

    STFU!!!! Pit Bulls are the best breed. Its these ghetto a$$ owners who dont take care of them properly.

    Blame the owner..Not the Breed.

  • Charletta

    As a Pit Bull owner of 4 years, this is definitely the irresponsibility of the owner(s)! Pit Bulls are wonderful pets if they are properly trained! The owners should be held accountable and hopefully more than $1000….The damage could have been a a lot worst!!

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    I had two incidents with pitbulls:

    This female and her dog attacked me. I managed to hold off the dog with one hand while swinging on her. True story.

    2nd incident:

    I lost my lunch to a pitbull. I was on the way home minding my own busines with some takeout when this pitbull came out of nowhere and jumped on me. But all he wanted was my food. I I also started to leave a food bill on the owners front door.

    I still like pitbulls thought.

  • M3@9@N

    Yea i knew this cudnt be tha bottom cause last i knew it was illegal to own pits in miami an its very strict to have one in broward. Mutha fukaz train em to be crazy as fuk. Hit em in tha face punch em till dey get mad wen they sweet. Even give da dogz weed stems. Smh

  • Simeon

    Pits are great pets, it’s just the small minority of pitbull owners who get them as a status symbol. Tying them up to trees in the backyard, Docking ears and tails, and throwing on spiky collars. Pitbulls are bred to be submissive, docile, and friendly towards humans. There aggression lies with other dogs. If your pit is going around attacking people you have created that aggressive pitbull, and embrace everything that comes with it. They are not guard dogs. They are not personal protection, when you want them to be like that you are turning on a switch that even you will regret one day. Treat the breed with dignity, and respect, and it will behave accordingly.

  • baybaybay

    I feel sorry for the woman attacked but as other people here commented pit bulls are not the devil’s canine they are just like any other pet if cared for and trained properly.

  • Smittyboy

    Well,these are the choice dogs of the crimminal world.

  • Kay Bee!

    I have a pit bull and a toy poodle. If you were to see them coming down the street towards you,… You’d better run from the toy-poodle because he is a effing beast. I have a muzzle for him and he must be on a leash at all times. He is 7 pounds of pure terror. My pit is as sweet as pie and the only attacking you may get will be with kisses. She can be walked without a leash and doesnt have a muzzle.

    Its the owners,… not the dogs.

  • MeeMee

    I love my pitbull, I agree she is the friendliest dog I’ve ever known. She is super spoiled! Loves attention and is a real punk lol! She is a great deterrant from otherwise dangerous threats (from how she looks) but other than that she is a true creampuff. It is a shame that these dogs get a bad name but it is the owners that don’t care enough about their animals to treat them with respect and kindness. Like owner like dog!

  • daisy jay

    le sigh…i really don’t like pit bull stereotypes. years ago, my friend’s parents wouldn’t let her play with my dog because she was a pit.
    to be honest, my dog was…very scary (used to be my cousin’s dog). she was afraid of EVERYTHING from bubbles to balloons. she was a really sweet dog, in general. with any dog, i think it’s all about how the owner treats them. to a dog, YOU are the master, they will do whatever you teach them. if you teach them to behave and teach them the proper way, you will have a fine dog. if you abuse and neglet the dog, you won’t have great results.

  • Mika T

    I personally think they all need to be put down! There many other breeds of dogs that make nice pets. Why have dangerous dogs that people are trying to keep for pets. I don’t care what people say about how well behaved their dog is. Them dogs are known to snap!

  • Million $$ Girl

    WOW,I guess i should have done my homework first. Butm, I have a baby pit, she is only 3 months old. I am trying to teach her to be a cute loveable dog, but so far its not working. She walks around hissing and growling at me like she ready to fight. She has one time to snap out at me then I will have to trade her as in for a PUG. This is my first dog, somebody please help…. I am not interesting in raising a guard dog, I just want a dog who is friendly and wont attack my neighbors when im not looking.

    • suga

      The best way to get her to be a good pet is get her in a strict training school. If you have the time, lots of patience & a strict personality you can take her to a training school & continue training at home or send her to the school for few months & they’ll totally train her for you. If you really love her get her trained properly now or she’ll eventually have to be put down.

  • tommykimon

    Not believing all these pits are lovable dogs comments. Why are there so many incidents with them attacking people? This really should be a breed of dog not allowed to be pets. One of my moms neighbors had a pit bull and guess what it almost attacked her and it bit one of her other neighbors so they packed up and moved before anyone could press charges against them.

  • beautihigh

    shoot em….

  • suga

    Pets just like children are an extension of their parents. Raise them properly with discipline & love. Give them a good education/training. If you don’t raise your pets or kids properly you’ll end up with a bad pet or child.

    • VibrantThang

      THANK YOU!

  • shebad

    I feel bad for her but its obviously not the dogs fault! Y were they roaming the streets like that? I am a pitbull owner and I LOVE my baby! Most dogs are protective even to the smallest winnie dog but the way you raise and treat them will result in a negative outcome or positive one just like your kids… Raisem right and you dont have to worry bout em killin someone someday! Lol, funny analogy but its true! Ppl need t be more responsible for ANY kind of animal they own not just pit owners. Ppl get an animal and its cute while they little and after they get bored starts the problem! I say put the owner down not the breed! Oh n let me add noooo im not comparing kids t dogs but i love em both and think the same care n love shpuld b taken

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