It’s A Wrap! Comedian Kevin Hart Files For Divorce

- By Bossip Staff

Earlier this year, Kevvy Kev was spotted out clutching some random redbones cakes in the club. Now, it’s destination Splitsville for funnyman Kevin Hart and his wife of 8 years, Torrei.

Comedian Kevin Hart, who has recently appeared in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Fockers and Scary Movie 3, has formally filed for divorce from his wife of nearly eight years, Torrei.

The legal docs state that the couple was married on May 22, 2003, and separated on February 5, 2010.

The former couple have two children, 5 year old daughter, Heavenly, and a son, Hendricks, who is 3.

Hart cites irreconcilable differences for the split, and is seeking joint custody of the children. Kevin is asking the court to not give any spousal support to Torrei.

The 31-year-old is also asking that his estranged wife not be allowed to leave the state of California with their children without his permission or a court order.

Super sad. Torrei spent the last 8 years and two kids with a funny chocolate dwarf and this is the thanks she gets? Just as our favorite little comedian reaches the pinnacle of his career, he officially files for a divorce. Now where will he get all his funny material?


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  • uknoitsromaro

    nothing in this life will be easy, marriage wont be either, but people shouldnt get married without true commitment, ability to fight through tough times. When you marry for the kids, you probably do it fo the wrong reason

    • Yea OK!

      I agreee. Maraige is not something that you can “stick around for the kids sake”, you have to genuinely care to keep each other happy! I hope they can reconcile.

    • bishop

      I think she was cheating on him while he was outhere making money to feed his family. That’s why he filed. Probably has a strong case!

    • The Real RN from Lousiana

      I was a friend on his facebook page and he proclaimed to be so faithful and in love with his wife just this past summer.Someone even pointed out a photo of him and a nice looking redbone sistah looking mighty close in a picture and he responded back “just a fan”.
      I hope she carries him for everything he has and get child support for given him 2 nappy headed goons,they some iffy looking kids

    • catchmewithmyback2ya

      @The Real RN from Lousiana That pic doesn’t mean anything! I took a pic with him and he held me close, a lil too close that made me feel uncomfortable, but then when i saw him take picture with everyone else, thats jus how he takes pics. Plus he bought me and my girls drinks all night til the bar ran out literally, we went out to eat and we went back to his hotel room and he didn’t try anything (though his friends were the ones sleeping with girls that night) we jus talked about his family and smoked and kicked back. Me and my girls talked about it til this day how he spoke about his wife and kids and didn’t try to take advantage of us.

  • chocolatedeluxe1

    It seems like when our black men get to a certain status the ditch there wife and kids. So sad BLACK men please WAKE UP andKeep our families together.

    • thetruthisreal

      na, i dont think this was the case, you could always see the sadness and un happiness in his eys, there were once reports of her beating him in the media, and he even talks about it in his stand up, so i think he has been real unhappy for a while

    • YokoDMV

      men of all races act that way when publically successful – the beckys do a better job of riding it out for like 20 years, like Ye said when she leave yo a$s, she gon leave with kelsey grammar and paul mccartney ex wives got PAID – cute puppy in your avatar!

  • Sam

    Um…he’s 31???

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I thought the divorce was already final.

    • Well Damn!

      Lets go with 41 lol!

  • Punta


  • mspeach

    Dag K Hart she is pretty. I didnt know u had a teamchocolate thing. Dont break this up see these black men continue to do this the first light thing they run by they willing to ruin everything!!!! Im sick of it I really am!!!! Kev your wife is beautiful your kids are so adorable dont let the attention ruin a good thing

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Kevin is the same comedian who talkd about dark skin women having bad credit, etc

      I think since Katt Williams is out of the way, Kevin stepped up a notch. Now, he hanging with Diddy & taking lite skinned women to Lakers games. SMDH!

    • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

      Hell naw she aint pretty

  • mspeach

    K Hart what no spousal support …I am so sick of the ninjas doing the real black women this way!!! You should want to provide for her in any way possible stick by your side and this is what you do???? This is why i am highly contemplating leaving the black men alone!!!!

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      After 8 years, she should be able to support HERSELF WITHOUT HIS money. I mean damn, why is it that the men HAVE to give up HALF they earnings but the women dont do chit but have the babies?? So all this time she didnt do anything but live the life off what HE did and now that they breaking up, she is used to a certain lifestyle that she didnt herself earn. By all mean TAKE CARE of the kids..MOS DEFF, but when u break up, u BREAK UP. Chris Rock said it best with this “im accustomed to this and that” chit…Raise ur kids in a non-hostle enviornemtn and live ur life…BET she gonna have a show out, just like ALL these other hood chick from baskeball/football/rapper wives…Im NEVER getting married…period. the system doesnt work in the mans favor when it all fall apart. Thats goes for white folks also…I thought all these women were “independant”??

    • G.M.

      why do women want to be paid??? becuz most women are h00kers and marriage is legal prostitution…when a trick gets a prostitute, what happens, they fucc and after she is paid to leave…just like a divorce…so marriage and prostitution are one in the same, marriage just cost a lot more…plus women want a mans money cuz most women are lazy and dont want to work until the day they die like men have to, so they use marriage as a female retirement plan

  • BritishGirl

    He only played the token in Little Fockers- probably had 100 words at the very most. So I hope he isn’t thinking that he is too good for this woman because he isn’t quite up there with the A-Listers. I don’t know the story but I hope the wife gets what she deserves!

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      WHY women always act like the victim? She didnt get an eduaction/trade while she was with him for 8 years so JUST incase it didnt work she had a backup plan?? What, no back up plan? did she think they were gonna last 4ever, which in this day and time, lets be real its few and far between…esp when $ is involved…My mom told me NEVER put my eggs in 1 basket and I apply that to life…

  • G.M.

    CONGRATS KEV…good job gettin out before u hit that 10yr mark…even if the courts deny the no spousal support claim and makes him pay, he only gotta dish it out for 4yrs, not too bad…enjoy bachelorhood kev, its great, take yo a$$ to the strip club and have fun banging golddiggers, just dont get them pregnant…once again congrats on the divorce, ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY, THATS WHY ITS SO EXPENSIVE!!! LMAO

    • TheBryanJ

      Funny shit! Funny but true.

  • Lailani

    It really says something when a man files for divorce.Most divorces are started by women.It’s not always the man’s fault either.Women are just as guilty sometimes.Just because she has two children with him doesn’t make her complete victim.I think there are some issues that we don’t know about,because if anyone has seen his stand-up he loves his wife.Let’s not throw this black man under the bus just yet..

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      1 of the smart 1’s here. ladies,listen up…I agree with u

  • mspeach

    @youropiondontcount its partially her money too all he talked about is her and her kids she birthed in standup…. if it was a book she is the subject…without her and their relationship their is NO funny material thats why she deserves money !!!

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      AND while they were together..SHE LIVED a nice life im sure. ALOT of his material was his kids also..and they gonna be OK im sure.

    • G.M.

      thats some dumb a$$ woman logic right there, does that mean every comedian that made jokes about a person owes them money and should have to pay a fee to make jokes about them smh…if his wife is broke, thats her damn fault, she should of got a job like the rest of society…and u wonder why men call majority women golddiggers, we’re still waiting for y’all to prove us wrong smh

    • G.M.

      IKR…women and their mentality that they’re entitled to half the money the guy did 100% of the hard work for just cuz they supported him aka was his personal cheerleader…thats like cheerleader in the NFL gettin multi-million dollar contracts like the players cuz they cheer them on while they play smh…listen up ladies, u dont get to enjoy the spoils of war w/o ever touching the battlefield

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Hope his career tanks and he catches something from all them h@es he is running around with….always dump the ride or die sistah when a n#gg@h is on the come up…smh.

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Oh and to answer “why women always want money” because when your husband is on the road all the time – and wants you, not the babysitter/nanny/daycare to take care of his kids, you don’t have time to work – you are taking care of kids and traveling with his behind.

    And if they been married 8 years, and the oldest kid is 5 – that means she has been off the job market for approximately 5 years, 9 months…pay her!

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      Thats weak…If she wanted something 4 herself, she would have gotten it. There are PLENTY of women that have kids AND travel AND have time to get an education to support them kids..MY mom did it and my dad didnt do chit 4 us, so what the excuse now? I saw footage of HER mom there with them in the room and she HELPED take care of the kids. SHE didnt PLAN 4 the future and thought the $$$ was gonna keep flowing from HIM. BUT NOW every1 wants him to fail…SMH

    • G.M.

      so whats the excuse for women without kids wanting money…and a 5yr old should be at school most the day so her a$$ should of got a part time/day job

  • mspeach

    @uropiniondoesntcount this is like you raising someone like a child support them they whole career and made it possible for them to be what they are today and then just leaving that person hi and dry… its a slap in the face really!!! IDC he should at least pay for house, car and tuition and medical bills for children

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      “tuition and medical bills for children” agreed…All that other stuff..nah, u better DOWNGRADE that 5 bedroom house and get rid of that benz. AS long as my kids are fine…thats tha bottom line. Failed marrage=Fail funds on my part….

    • G.M.

      his wife ain’t have nothing to do with him pursuing a career as a comedian or actor…she just jumped on board for the ride…she a grown a$$ woman, if she was too stupid to find/get a job then thats on her, the kids will be taken care of and should be by BOTH PARENTS not just one while the other lives off the funds intended for the kids smh…women y’all some damn leeches for real

  • MizASterling


    It’s official.

    He’s made it.

    I guess the Oscar’s next.

  • mspeach

    @GM no but when 75% of your jokes are about me and our kids that i labored and birthed and am raising and no telling what she does career wise what she had to give up to help his dreams come true!!! He was just another regular Philly guy b4 he “got on” what about the years she supported him with NO money or fame! Helping and encouraging him to get to the point she is today….managers, agents charge a lot of money to do what she was doing all along plus more!!!!

    • G.M.

      ur right, no telling what she was doing career wise, probably becuz she never had a job to begin with, this chick was probably a barefoot and pregnant chick…and managers/agents aren’t cheerleaders, they actually work, have connections, make contacts, set up meetings and shows, if she was his manager/agent money wouldnt be a problem smh

    • G.M.

      and cut the bullsh1t with the 75% of his comedy was about his wife, NO COMEDIAN becomes sees any type of success using the same material over and over, he’s been doing comedy for yrs…and he recently was on the breakfast club morning radio show and talked about having to always stay fresh with comedy when he was discussing the charlie murphy being boo’d situation

    • Truth

      Mspeach please don’t respond to this idiot. Based on the constant venom that he spews about women, it’s clear his ghetto mommy abandoned him or she let her ghetto man whip his *ss or worst case scenario molest him. This man is broken and he needs help. Just do like everyone else and ignore him.

    • Uhhh Yeah Ok

      I think it’s pretty clear that he has never in his life seen a working model of a FAMILY … Whatever …

    • G.M.

      @Truth: 1)im a guy…2)how are u gonna give advice to others to ignore me when u urself are acknowledging me, u cant even take/follow ur own advice…3)my mother didn’t abandon me, she’s still in my life, gettin on my nerves from time to time but hey, thats what moms do lol gotta love her tho anyway

    • G.M.

      @uhyeahok: im sure 80% of the women on this blog can say the same lol…a lot of men know how family work, cuz they know the position their suppose to play in it but can’t say the same about the women, too busy tryin to be us and had an inability to appreciate/value what was expected of them in a family unit, remember, women walked away from family 1st not men

  • MizASterling

    Wait a minute.

    Their daughter’s name is Heavenly Hart..?

    Are we going to have to start getting our baby names approved now..?

    • ladyinblue

      That’s what I was thinking! An adjetive, really? What’s next, prepositions and conjunctions? #whatsyourfunction

  • mspeach

    @uropiniondoesntcount kids need shelter im sure any standup man wants their kids to live just as good as they do or better even and wants his kids to be driven personally to school in a dependable and reliable car to show this is the fruits of my labor this is how my family lives!!!!

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      GM said it 4 me…

    • Uhhh Yeah Ok

      Lol So why doesn’t he do that then? Why don’t more men do that then? You could stop wining and take that roll on yourselves. You will quickly eat your words I gaurantee it. I give mad props for ANY man who does do that.

    • G.M.

      @uhyeahok: cuz ur too stupid to realize that society views taking kids away from mothers as wrong or that women automatically make better parents cuz they’re a woman/have a vagina which is time and time again being proven wrong but since the court is bias and the country is a feminist controlled one the negative outcomes we see everyday dont matter, just makin sure women are viewed as good when their not smh

    • Uhhh Yeah Ok

      Wow your and IDIOT! Everything doesn’t have to go through the courts you dummy! I know with your sttitude you would send any woman into a rage and have unwilling to speak or hear you out. But alas, there are men out there who know how to work things out and if they saw that their children fit best with them that’s what they would make happen. Your full of shat and I think you’re a fackin ugly azz pig inside and probably outside.
      Keep getting that young puzzy because they’re the only ones dumb enough not to see right through your balding disgusting azz. STFU

    • UrOpinionDontCount

      @umm yeah ok…that musta been 4 G.M. not me..but anyway, I dont know what part of the country ur in but where im from, the courts run EVERYTHING…unless u can work it out without them,but the STATE stills tries to be in ur bizness.There is nothing pretty about trial with a female.

    • Uhhh Yeah Ok

      Ok. I’m done trying to understand your view. I’ll let you be.

  • TonyT

    He tried. If he ends up with a white girl, does that make him a bad guy?

  • ella

    This little ugly black
    dwarf has the nerve to
    act like a jerk! he said
    her didn’t like chocolat
    sistas, and all kinds of
    really bad stuff about us.
    This jerk was very blessed
    to be with such a cute girl.
    He is going to pay BIG TIME
    for being a cold blooded JERK!

  • ella

    It doesn’t matter what she used to do! he married her and all that comes with being a wife. A husband is suppose to provide for his family if he makes more money than her or askes her not to work. Just take of the kids and pay the bills with the money. He cheated on her with a know celeb cheating hoe, who has been with a lot of celebs. Just like Alicia Keys and Swizz, Kevin and all cheating men and women will pay the coast of their adultry. And Kev’s wife will have the last laugh and Monshonda(swizz ex)
    will be laughing in the end! I
    live in Hollywood, aint nothing out here but? leeches and gold diggers. They care nothing about these men or cheating women, it’s all about the money and what can you do for their aspiring career. Truly good people that love you broke or rich,
    now days are hard to find! if you have someone real in your life, KEEP THEM FOR LIFE!

    • G.M.

      correction: women dont pay for cheating they still get paid to cheat, women have lots of affairs on their husbands, divorce them, take half his money, get child support and alimony, kick the ex husband out the house and move the man she was having the affair with into the home and constantly bringing in new men around the kids smh…there is no punishment for failed marriages 4 women only reward, thats why divorce is so high

  • ella

    This punk MF needs to give pay up cash to his wife. She
    labored with this cheating
    hella ugly black ashy lookn
    dude, who can only geta woman
    because of money. Have the
    nerve to make all these demands on this poor woman.
    I hope she takes him to the

  • SoulSista

    “…and when he get on he’ll leave ya azz for a white girl” – Kanye West

  • KAY


  • Ms.EJ

    Well, it seems that they BOTH gave the marriage a good run, but they have clearly come to the end of the road. What he is asking for and seeking the divorce and custody proceeding is pretty standard and fair. Regarding, spousal support, I can understand any man or woman not wanting to give out additional money to a soon to be ex-husband or ex-wife. Truthfully, I think the childsupport for both of the children will be more than enough.

  • _CAKES_

    everyone mad @ kevin…ya’ll don’t even know the story. doesn’t only take one person to fail a marriage. shoot, he may be a dwarfy lil dude but he makes me laugh…

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