Big Willy’s Remaking “Annie” As A Hip-Hop Musical For Little Willow??

- By Bossip Staff

Will and Jada are making damn SURE they get a return on investing in these kids, huh??

Variety is reporting that Will Smith is exploring a remake of the classic musical ‘Annie,’ starring none other than daughter Willow Smith.

The Sony project is still in development, and details surrounding it remain scarce. However, sources are saying hip-hip mogul Jay-Z — who worked with Willow on her ‘Whip My Hair’ hit — is in talks to work on the music for the film. Whether or not it will feature new or orginial songs has yet to be decided.

The 10-year-old singer may have the singing down, but does she have the acting chops to go with it? The thespian bug does seem to run in the family.

Big brother Jaden starred in the Sony redo of ‘The Karate Kid’ last summer, bringing in over $350 million worldwide. With a pull like that, and dad Will connected the to project, Sony will likely push ahead for the ‘Annie’ remake.

Aww, imagine Little Willow remaking Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life.” A Hip-Hop version of “Annie” might not be a bad look. But you know folks are gonna hate…


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  • Mizz Lisa

    Lets support this black family, because that role could of easily gone to a white kid. Stop hating on willow smith

    • Blopp

      Not just that, but this is a sign of a black man having real power in Hollywood. This is nepotism and i’m loving it.

    • FaReelDoe

      Not hating on Willow. Pissed at her parents. Willow can barely read and is supposed to be home schooled but she said she NEVER HAS TIME TO DO HER LESSONS and is behind her peers (her words – not mine). They are neglecting Willow’s education and THEY RUN A DAMN SCHOOL!?! – so she can sing and act? I don’t give a rat’s arse what yall people say: GTFOH Will and Jada! What part of the game is that? They need a foot in their arses!!! When Will and Jada are gone Willow won’t be able to handle the wealth she earned and inherited because she will be too dumb. She will be ripped off by the people she hires to handle those things. Will and Jada SHOULD KNOW BETTER and be sure Willow is educated if for that reason alone!! Now THIS shit? NOOOOO!!!! They need to make time for her studies instead. This is BAD parenting I don’t care WHAT their last name is or how much $$ they have!!!

  • John

    I hope it don’t turn out like that remake of “Carmen Jones” with Beyonce. Because that was a HOT!! MESS!!

  • Kelly

    MizzLiza you are so right. Unfortunately black folks will find all sorts of issues with this. The Smiths are doing it right.

    • lisa

      @kelly especially on this site. This site seems to have so much hate from blacks to blacks that it’s disgusting. I guess that’s why our race is know as crabs in a barrel.

  • Whatev

    They are gonna SHOVE these children down our throats for years to come.. whether we like ’em or not. They’re using their own money.

  • UPPERechelon.

    The Smith family’s hustle is not to be denied-I see them as both a positive family and business model…HOWEVER…Am I the only person disheartened by all these REMAKES? Whatever happened to original thoughts and concepts? Feels like all we’ve been getting over the past few years are Hollywood hand me downs with minor alterations…

  • chocolatedeluxe1

    love the idea…..I will diffently support.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    she looks just like her daddy! annie was my fave musical growing up…”it’s a hard knock life for us…”

  • COTTON124


    • shake em

      unfortunately it seems like we do that only when it comes to sports and entertainment

  • ebonyblonde

    I always told my mom they shuld NEVER remake Grease or Annie….we’ll see….

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  • Uguess

    This is great news ! I remember when the Wiz first came out it was fantastic. The remake of Annie will be as well. Love it !

  • Divine

    I think this is a great thing! I’m glad they have the clout to do so and have a little black girl play that role. YAY!

  • yt

    smith’s just making sure his s kids got a good start in life

    good on him

  • daahlingnikki

    I like the idea…and it’s just too perfect that there is already a hip-hop version of hard knock life…

  • Joyce

    Noooooooo she’s too young, The child is cute and has talent but she needs to go away for now. Why is this necessary?

    • Gypsy

      is that the advice you’d give you child, when your child is trying to achieve something? – JUST GO AWAY FOR NOW!

  • loved by me haters

    F*ck that. Weirdo sciencetologist illuminati hollyweird family.

  • Gypsy

    Isn’t it great when I child knows that he/she is loved and supported by both parents?

    Will knows that his sole purpose in life as a father is to mold better human beings, and if that means supporting you child’s success, so be it.

  • CooCooKitty

    I like Willow and i especially like her fine azz Daddy,damn the older he gets the more he grows into a tall fine drink of water. I’m sooo thirsty !!!

    • tellthetruth

      He does seem to get finer and finer as he gets older.

  • exception to the rule

    I’m waiting on the day, when white people remake boys in the hood, or set it off…


    whats not to like about pursuit of happyness


    I’m sick of this shark tale fish looking kid.

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