Three’s Company: Famous Love Triangles

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Fantasia Antwaun affair

Love has been in the air for the last few days with all of the flowers and candies abound. But sometimes love can hurt if there’s an unwanted third party involved.

These celebrities know all too well what it’s like to be involved in a nasty situation with affairs and lies.

Jolie pitt affair

Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt – Jennifer Anniston – This was a smooth extraction from Jolie. She just went up to film a movie with Brad and yanked him away with ease. Now, they’re happily married and Jenn is bouncing around from one sh*tty man to the next. Word to John Mayer.

Rihanna – Jay-Z – Beyonce – We’ve all heard the rumors of Rih Rih taking a ride on the camel humps behind Beyonce’s back. Everything seems to be patched up these days, but it just seems to be part of the way the Illuminati passes around its sex slaves or something.

bill lewinsky triangle

Monica Lewinsky – Bill Clinton – Hillary Clinton – Nothing like a good blowjangles to get your presidential day started, right? Bill didn’t care about his wife or what he had to do that day. He just needed some thick thickums. Hillary was too busy doing political stuff to care.

Nas – Carmen – Jay-Z – “Me and the boy A.I. got more in Carmen than ballin’ and rhymin…” Jay rapped about Nas’ baby momma during an ugly Jay/Nas feud. It was definitely crossing the line but if it’s true, it’s true. Jay was chopping down Ms. Escobar behind Nas’ back. We know who won the rap battle, but Jigga won the personal war.

Gilbert Arenas – Laura Govan – Shaquille O’Neal – Gilbert has had a rough go of it recently. Gun charges, paternity tests and the fact that his boo was getting chopped down by the Shaq The Giant. It was all resolved when Gil finally left his fiance and Shaq upgraded to Hoopz.

Britney Kfed affair

Britney Spears – K Fed – Shar Jackson – K Fed is like the male Amber Rose jumping from one semi-famous person to the next. He ditched a pregnant Shar Jackson to hop on Britney’s crazy train. We wonder if he regrets that decision.

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    Parker Longoria Barry affair

    Eva Longoria – Tony Parker – Erin Barry – Tony Parker not only cheated on Eva Longoria. He cheated on her with one of his teammates’ wives! That’s a whole new level of dirty doggery. We bet this makes for awkward practices.

    Fantasia Antwaun affair

    Fantasia – Antwaun Cook – Paula Cook – Fantasia is a home wrecker. She just grabbed some dude off the street, sent him dirty pictures and yanked him from his wife. That’s jacked up. The affair had things heading to court and all that.

    Aaron Carter Lohan Duff

    Lindsay Lohan – Aaron Carter – Hilary Duff – And now for your pre-coked out Disney triangle. Aaron Carter, little brother of fellow failure Nick Carter, was getting to second base with Lohan and Duff at the same time. The two tots even got into a fight over him. Maybe the stress is what led Lohan to the sniffery.

    diddy cassie ryan leslie

    Diddy – Cassie – Ryan Leslie Diddy snatched Cassie from Ryan Leslie and damn near ruined Ryan Leslie’s life. Ryan still hasn’t recovered.

    common drake

    Drake – Serena Williams – Common Now Drizzy and Common were in the middle of the biggest rap beef we’ve seen in years all over those cakes! Worth it? Yup.

    elizabeth taylor

    Eddie Fisher – Elizabeth Taylor – Richard Burton This old school banger had Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton fighting for her ON THE SAME MOVIE SET!

    big tupac

    Biggie – Faith Evans – Tupac The biggest rap feud ever got to a fever pitch when Pac told the world he banged Biggie’s wife. Noooo, not Faith!

    situation ronnie

    Sammi From Jersey Shore – She had The Situation and Ronni fighting for her and even coming to blows in Season 4. And not JWoww?!

    russel crow

    Meg Ryan – This old Becky had Dennis Quaid and Russell Crowe fighting for her. Yeah, Meg is a ho on the low.


    Madonna – She broke Guy Richie’s heart by running around with Alex Rodriguez and went back and forth with them for a bit. Not bad for a 73 year old.

    j lo

    Jennifer Lopez – J. Lo straight left Judd for Ben Affleck. J. Lo just can’t stick with a man, it seems.


    Peter Gunz/Amina/Tara – Love & Hip-Hop Peter was living with Tara but was married to Amina. He was getting it on with both of them, too. Sly dog.


    Lil Scrappy/Shay Johnson/Erica Dixon – Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Scrappy has been in a crazy love triangle with his baby momma and the woman he just can’t get enough of…all while still fawning over Diamond.

    flavor flav

    Flavor Flav/New York/Deelishis – Flavor Of Love They had a love triangle that lasted Flav’s second season. Flav eventually chose Dee.


    Apollo/Kenya/Phaedra – Real Housewives of Atlanta They have some really weird love triangle thing that’s mostly Apollo trying to get his.

    tahiry and joe budden

    Joe Budden/Tahiry/Kaylin – Joe doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it. He just couldn’t stay with Tahiry and let them fight it out.


    Memphitz/Ariane/K. Michelle – Love & Hip-Hop – Ariane said she and K. dated Memphitz at the same time…but it wasn’t major. Right.


    Erica Mena/Rich Dollaz/Cyn Santana – Love & Hip-Hop – Erica and Rich were doing Cyn so dirty, but she stuck around for love…and fame.


    Irulan/Gabe/Alton – The Real World Remember this triangle from the 90s? Irulan and Alton ended up ditching Gabe and his sorry “open relationship.”


    Karent/Rodolfo/Ana – Real Housewives Miami This was pure drama and nonsense.


    Draya/Orlando/Chantel – Basketball Wives – You really want to come between Draya and Orlando? Draya may put the paws on you.


    Mimi/Joseline/Stevie J – Love & Hip-Hop – We all know that Mimi has moved on to be a famous movie star…or something. While Joseline kept the man.


    Kim Zolciak/Big Poppa/Big Poppa’s Wife – Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kim was getting tricked off by her sugar daddy and ruining a marriage on television.

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    • d.

      Lil Wayne, Baby & Drake.

      • UVA


      • Laura

        NICE NEWS !
        My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
        Lmaoooo “earthwotm jim”. And Jay-Z got that “Yeah I smashed this one, wifed up that one” look. He look lost. But anywho, who’s àaron carter???? I shall google his name. But Fantasia is apparently NOT a homewrecker now. Smh. She still is one in my book tho.

      • Kyra

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      • Deni_Luv

        I literally LOL’ed!

      • rachel

        Alicia Keys, Swizz Beaks, Monshonda and Gabriell Union, Dwayne Wade and Dwaynes Ex Wife, how could we forget these homewreckers??? Duh??

    • I AM Holy


    • Bye bye

      sometimes ya gotta let it go ….

    • chrissy

      Bey got that crazy girl eye in this pics…like oh for real b y tch…..u in the pic huh….lol…cockeye

    • Curious1 aka 2 My Hata's: My Middle Fingers Salute Ya

      You reap what you sow…time will tell..

    • shawtywhereyouat

      Lmaoooo “earthwotm jim”. And Jay-Z got that “Yeah I smashed this one, wifed up that one” look. He look lost. But anywho, who’s àaron carter???? I shall google his name. But Fantasia is apparently NOT a homewrecker now. Smh. She still is one in my book tho.

    • GeorgeNWeezy>TomNHelen

      Leave my baby Fantasia alone. She can do no wrong. She just had a moment of weakness.

    • Rae

      what about leann rimes?

    • Rae

      oh i guess that wld be more of a love square

    • dy

      Lmfao at real talk! Jermajesty’s mama! Hahahaha

    • TattedChick


    • Cammie Jay

      @ Anna elaborate, I didn’t know about that one

    • resurrected

      Yeah Ak, Swizz and Mashonda should on this list instead of a young lidnsey and hiliary duff are you kiding me.

    • cynthia

      sometimes people need other people in theirlife ti make them feel better and if getting alittle pleasure out of it then what you feel.

    • cece

      bey would never do that so shut up nor were jay and riri every a couple. no wonder why they breaking up

    • rachel

      This list can go on and on talking about homewreckers, right Whoopee Goldberg and Ted Dansen???

    • a.m.

      check out my blog 😀

    • j.r

      what about michael strahan, nicole murphy and dude from universal records or eddie murphy, nicole murphy and johnny gill

    • angie

      why is FANTASIA a dirty homewrecker and ALICIA KEYS is so innocent. ALICIA broke up not only a home and family but also a marriage!!! why do that girl get so much damn slack???

      • Preach

        She is down with the Illuminati, you havnt figured that out yet. That is why i left it alone till now. They can get away with anything under the sun and get no slack behind it. The charitiy events are a cover up. I look at it like this, if you are really into a project like that from the heart, you would not waist your time trying to take credit for be a celebrity and being involved.

    • Peaceofmind

      I think Fantasia should be left the HELL alone, it’s done with and the men in this are just as guility. Alicia has married and had a child, what is really worse???

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