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I got a situation you could break down for me. Me and my girl have been together for 7 years and we have 2 kids. We were young when we got together and once we had our son we decided to stay together and be a family. Our son was born when I was 25 she was 23 and I wasn’t ready for marriage and she wasn’t either so we decided to hold off on it. As young and immature as we were at the time we managed to buy a house a give our son a good start. A year ago we had another son and the workload doubled along with the bills and stresses of daycare, work and homelife. We’re very close and friends before anything else so I thought we could talk to each other about anything but she shut down on me after the baby was born. We had our arguments and for a while she didn’t want to have sex with me and to be honest I didn’t either and after months of riffin and beefin we had a long talk and we had sex but she didn’t feel the same. I’ve been committed ot my position as a father and fiance and never cheated. Now that we’re both in our 30s I know what a woman goes through in regard to sexual desires so I don’t want to think she’s been cheating but she feels like she has. I hope that my imagination is getting the best of me an that I’m just paranoid but I have this gut feeling. Am I bugging or has she stepped out?



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