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What? You mean no one wants to live with a sex offender? Surprise, surprise…

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s jail-cell door swung open yesterday, but New Yorkers quickly slammed theirs — refusing to allow the accused sex fiend to use their luxury high-rises as his pretrial crash pad.

A judge gave the final OK on a $6 million bail package that allowed him to bid adieu to his nasty hole on Rikers, but his plush choice for an upgrade in accommodation proved a no-go when residents revolted.

“They were looking all over the East Side, and they couldn’t find anyone willing to take him,” a real-estate source told The Post.

The backlash against the former chief of the International Monetary Fund forced prosecutors and his defense team to rush into court and hash out a new plan.

Judge Michael Obus ultimately signed off on temporary lodging at a Financial District building that private security firm Stroz Friedberg uses for its clients.

The shamed moneyman’s new address is a 21-story high-rise at 71 Broadway called the Empire Building, a short distance from Ground Zero, according to sources. Apartments there start at $4,250 per month rent.

His arrival last night had the neighborhood buzzing, with one area worker saying he saw Strauss-Kahn escorted into the building by what looked like a guard at about 7 p.m.

“He looked like, ‘Let’s get it over with,’ ” said parking-firm employee Adley Ambroise, 34.

Building resident Joanie Adler, 33, was outraged to be housed with the alleged Gallic groper.

“That man is evil,” she fumed. “If other areas can refuse him, why can’t we? I don’t like the idea of him staying here.”

Added lawyer Alex Holland: “He belongs in jail — not in my building. We don’t need the attention. . .”

Wherever this guy ends up living it better be comfy because he’s gonna have to be in there for a long time if he wants to safe. Sounds like someone might try to take him out.




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