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When will these fools learn about these scandalous hoes??

Baltimore Ravens running back Le’Ron McClain has apparently had a leak in his security practices. According to his twitter feed this morning, Mr. McClain has been boo’ed up with some mud duck broad named, appropriately, “Chelly Rozay”. Ms. “Rozay” somehow used her vajayjay to disable Mr. McClain’s good God-given sense in order to acquire his credit card information and go on lavish shopping sprees.

The question HAS to be asked…why the hell were you dealing with this bum-a** heffa anyway?!?!

Upon learning of this unforeseen deceit, Le’Ron took to everyone’s favorite “put-you-on-blast” social network Twitter to air out his grievances.

Flip through the following pages and read the hilarious f**kery for yourself.


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