Everyday He’s Hustling: Officer Ricky Rozay Signs A Development Deal To Open His Own Chain Of Wingstop Restaurants!!

- By Bossip Staff

“She thinkin’ Phillipe’s, I’m thinkin’ Wingstop, Fiendin’ lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked”-Rick Ross

Rick Ross has signed a development agreement with the Richardson, Texas-based company, which has over 480 Wingstop restaurants across the United States and Mexico.

Rick Ross will open the first of several Wingstop restaurants in Memphis, this Fall.

Ross, who name checked Wingstop brand on the song “MC Hammer” from his album Teflon Don, felt an affinity with the brand, which made it easier to make the decision to invest.

“After tasting Wingstop’s signature lemon pepper–flavored wings in Miami, I knew this was a franchise I wanted to add to my investments,” Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com in a statement today (August 4th).

The Wingstop menu focuses solely on cooked-to-order chicken, along with the chain’s newest offering, glider sandwiches.

Rick Ross joins a number of celebrities who have invested in the Wingstop franchise.

Do you wonder what the white folks executives for Wingstop think of Rozay hustilng bird on their block?

“Rick Ross will be a great addition to the wing stop family,” said Jim Flynn, Wingstop’s CEO. “He’s a talented artist and brings a huge fan base to the concept. We look forward to growing the brand with him in Memphis.”

And there you have it!

No Officer Ricky may not have kept it real about his past, but he definitely keeps it real when it comes to his love of food. Ungh…

Sidebar: Is there any more stereotypical business that a black rapper from the hood could buy?? A chicken restaurant?? SMH


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  • Tee

    Black ppl love chicken tho lol

  • Bbeautifull

    Hiz fat azz need to have a line of tread millz fat fk

  • caper

    don’t do it; the franchise doesn’t rep the black folks cause thats the only race thats going to support your business….. like they choose not to partake…. we have enough chicken joints and chicken and waffle places. question; WHO IN “D” HELL is advising you. i say NO…. speaaking from my broke azz shark tank. boy do your homework. economics 101 please

  • jayluv


  • President Barack Obama

    As your president I’d like to say i support Mr. Ross’ venture into the chicken business, I mean look at this n**gas tiddays you can bake biscuits under them muthaf**kas! Plus Mr. Ross is filling a much needed gap in the bama black community, N**gas love chicken, chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken azz, chicken gizzards, Sh*t when I was younger I saw a fat n**ga b**ch put a chicken in a blender and mix it with her slimfast! So I support Mr. Ross’ venture, in fact I’m signing an executive order allowing EBT to be used at his restaurants, what better way for fat azz bama hoes with ugly illegitimate kids to get their daily dose of the four food groups, butter for dairy, biscuits for bread, fried apple pies for fruit and a 32 peice wing deal for meat?
    Thanks for your support,
    President Obama…….

    • President Barack Obama

      And before any of ya’ll liberal muthaf**kas fly off the handle about what I just endorsed I also signed an executive order for government support of the “Guccimane/Waka Flocka Flame” learning centers in Mississippi. There are no computers there, but your child will learn the finer points of remedial rapping, programming beats on a $49 casio keyboard, growing the perfect pot belly before taking off your shirt, how to be a bama fake blood, the fine art of n**ga tattooing and how to pick the best arab store to make your fake jewelry.
      Oh one more thing, for an extra $129, the bama n**ga stupid will learn the fine art of media lying, “I just bought a $55 mil plane, I’m buying the Dolphins, I’m richer than Jay-Z, I used to be the biggest drug dealer in Miami etc.”

    • Mark

      Lol this HAS to be 6AM. Welcome back.

  • shehiplocki

    ….this dude is a heart attack waiting to happen with that pot belly and breasts bigger than mine…..he need to open a health club….

    • President Barack Obama

      Health club? Shehip, You may have stumbled upon something here. Rick should open up healthclubs next door to his wingstop locations! The only problem would be which do fat bytches visit first? Do they workout then go to Wingstop or do they go to Wingstop then go workout?

  • Chris1761

    I’ll support this all day… Actually, here’s a better idea Rozay…. Bring Fat Burger to So. Fla.

  • Nor*cal

    wingstop is so delicious

  • robbie

    i won’t eat if it make you look like him.

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