Twitter Files: Ice-T Jokes About Russell Armstrong’s Suicide And Suggests “Basketball Wives” Be Changed To “Basketball Dumped Hoes”

- By Bossip Staff

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  • Collegegrad

    I agree with Ice.. None of them are actually basketball wives now since Meeka is no longer a part of the show..I think it should be call Real Hoes of Miami

  • 7lady

    Well if that’s the case then his show should be renamed “I married a H0”

  • m

    He’s somewhat right. They are married but I don’t see why they have to be called H’s. I think Evelyn seems like the only groupie. The rest are ex wives and girlfriends. As far as the suicide joke it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I thought he said some just extra crazy. And his wife looks a little h-ish so he has no business talking about the bball wives.

  • Ubgood2

    Well…i like evelyn she put in 10yrs…Coco is hmmm…nice lol

  • Jess

    He needs to grow up with his old behind

  • 223

    Ice is my n*gga everything he said is true what’s the issue

  • me

    He’s kidding right??!! I mean wtf, look p what u have inside your house dude!

  • Titi

    He is right. Like he said, they call Coco names but he married her. BBW is just ab bunch of bitter b!tches.

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    @ LadyG you speak nothing but truth ma!

  • http://google SMH

    LMAO at him and that silicone sissy.

  • Famous

    Gina is a racist!

  • mike d

    I think its funny how everyone is saying coco is all silicone when everything about the basketball wives is fake as hell too.first off they’re not even wives,they all have fake hair,eyelashes ,noses ,breasts etc . So how are they any different than coco? Basketball wives ain’t nothing but ghetto trash groupies who got lucky.

  • geekryderz

    Gina & famous, stop it right now…. Both of yall are women…..
    Stop with the basketball wives attack on each other…..

  • geekryderz

    Here is a little history gina, pimping been going on since forever…. White man been doing since the old western days when they had saloons… Hbo had a show called the bunny ranch … A white man with a house full of hoes…. He wmeven went on cnn and said its no business like hoe business… It became a crime when black men started to do it……. Besides thats what vh1 is doing… Pimping them black women out to act a fool and make money off of ratings……. Pumping aunt bigger than just sending a woman on the track…. Record companies pumping out artists….. They font make the beats or write the lyrics but get all the money…….

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