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Poor thang. After being dumped by the dude who got her this fat in the first place, the “world’s fattest mother” now wants to lose weight:

Donna Simpson’s record-breaking weight had brought her all she dreamed of. The 44-year-old had a chubby chasing fiancé, was world famous and earning $90,000 (£55,000) a year from fans who paid to watch her eat more than 15,000 calories a day online. But the 600 pounds supersize mother-of-two has decided to start losing weight after she broke up with her feeder future husband. The holder of the Guiness World Record for the ‘World’s Heaviest Mother’ told subscribers of her website, ‘I ask that you take your last looks at the old Donna’, as she revealed she was closing the site and starting a diet.

The $20 a month subscription website will be closed down and replaced by a weight loss blog, a decision she said had not been ‘easy’. ‘I recently split with my fiancée of five years and moved with my two children back to my home town in Ohio,’ she wrote on her site. ‘This life changing move made me realize something important.
‘The health and welfare of my family was always my priority and they were well taken care of by my ex. ‘Now that I have sole responsibility of taking care of my children, I must drastically change my lifestyle.’ Ms Simpson said: ‘It’s fine to gain weight when you have a partner who will help feed you and take care of everything around you.

‘But that’s between two adult people who make the choice. I realised that I couldn’t expect my kids to do that for me.’ Ms Simpson insists she doesn’t want her children Devin and Jacqueline to have to feed or shower her. The Ohio mother launched her own website for people to watch her eat after she became the most popular ‘model’ on, a website for men who like large women. Men started sending her cheesecake in the mail as they wanted her to get bigger.

And she met her ex-partner on a dating website for plus-sized people and she said he encouraged her to eat more as he was a ‘belly man’, despite being a fitness fanatic who only weighed 140 pounds when they met. But, Ms Simpson, who had once been aiming to become the world’s fattest woman, said she is now embarking on a healthy eating diet and exercise plan.





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