It’s In The Genes: Will Little Jayonce Be As Successful As These Musicians’ Children?

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Bey and Jay are having a baby! And, supposedly this kid has the best musical genes of all time! But he/she won’t be the first kid with musical parents or relatives. Take a peek!

Tracee Ellis Ross – Diana Ross’ daughter (with a fat a$$) isn’t a singer, but she did get her TV start on the Lyricist Lounge Show. While that was short-lived, she moved on the become a respected TV actress. Way to make momma proud.

Nas – Esco’s pop was a pretty respected jazz musician from Mississippi who made a name for himself in juke joints across the country. Nas even paid homage to him in a single. Who knew he’d give birth to one of the godfathers of Hip-Hop?

Drake – No, he isn’t the lovechild of a Teletubby and a Care Bear like most people suspect. Drizzy’s dad was a jazz musician in Memphis but his uncle was the real star, having been placed on some major albums in his time. Wonder if they ever tell their kid to toughen up a bit?

Rashida Jones – We salute Quincy Jones for what his sperm created. The most legendary music producer of our time birthed one of the sexiest ladies in all of Hollywood. She starred in The Office, Parks and Recreation and has moved her show to the big screen. Amen to that!

Willow and Jaden Smith – Before he was the richest actor in all the planets, Will Smith was a rapper. Let’s not forget that. His kids have taken different approaches with Willow going the musical route and Jaden doing the acting. Clearly Will’s music-making genes didn’t get to Willow even though she’s making it rain on them hoes with her singles.

Miley Cyrus – Ugh. She inherited her dad’s ability to annoy the motherfawk out of everyone that listens. Whatever the case, she’s a mega star that’s eclipsed Billy Ray and his country stardom. Unfortunately, she’s helped keep him in the spotlight which nobody wanted.

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    Natalie Cole – Sing it with us: “Chestnuuuuuts roasting on an open fiiiiiireeeee” That’s Nat King Cole, folks. His daughter, Natalie has had a stellar career herself. But she’s never going to live up to the legend of her pops.

    Liv Tyler – She’s the first lady of the power ballad. The weird thing about her relationship with Aerosmith daddy Steven Tyler is that he once had a music video of her rolling around half-naked. That’s some bizarre father/daughter time.

    Norah Jones – Norah’s pops is Ravi Shankar, the world-renowned sitar player and singer who is often credited with making classical Indian music cool…whatever that means. Any excuse to post pictures of Norah is good in our book.

    Damian Marley – Lean in. Come closer. We have a secret. Damian is Bob Marley’s son! Bet you didn’t know that. He’s definitely carried on the Marley legacy with his greatness to add to the fold. We hope he can keep up.

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