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Antonio Tarver’s Wife, Denise, left the old boxer a few months ago. Now, the girl behind the breakup, Kimmi Kennedy, BBM messages have reached Bossip.


Kimmi Kennedy: I miss you though…

Kimmi Kennedy: R u mad at me or something? I can’t a response…

MagicMan: No KK I’m not mad let’s skype in a few

MagicMan: Headed to the official weigh-in stay up I want to see your face.

Kimmi Kennedy: All for you!!

MagicMan: It better f__king be if I ever find out you ever lied to me I'm gonna cut your fu__king throat!!

Kimmi Kennedy: It is! Cross my heart & hope to die!

Kimmi Kennedy: U see the pics?

MagicMan: Yes baby I see the pics

Kimmi Kennedy: Going to bed its 5 am

Kimmi Kennedy: Have a good night love

MagicMan: Nite nite

Kimmi Kennedy: Good morning champ!

Kimmi Kennedy: One more day!!!

Kimmi Kennedy: Btw… I thought long & hard about what you said to me on skype last night. If you are seriously trying to f__k with me, I got no problem taking down, censoring or disconnecting from any of that stuff. It means nothing to me… But you do.. ;;)

MagicMan: If that's you means of income I can't ask that you just give that up but if you and I are gonna be spending a lot more time together then I just want to be comfortable with us.

Is Kimmi An Escort??


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