Isn’t He Married?: Antonio Tarver’s Side Piece Puts Him On Blast With Text Messages, Cake Pictures, Talk Of Pregnancy, And Video Proof! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Antonio Tarver’s Wife, Denise, left the old boxer a few months ago. Now, the girl behind the breakup, Kimmi Kennedy, BBM messages have reached Bossip.

Kimmi Kennedy: I miss you though…
Kimmi Kennedy: R u mad at me or something? I can’t a response…
MagicMan: No KK I’m not mad let’s skype in a few
MagicMan: Headed to the official weigh-in stay up I want to see your face.
Kimmi Kennedy: All for you!! ❤
MagicMan: It better f__king be if I ever find out you ever lied to me I'm gonna cut your fu__king throat!!
Kimmi Kennedy: It is! Cross my heart & hope to die!
Kimmi Kennedy: U see the pics?
MagicMan: Yes baby I see the pics
Kimmi Kennedy: Going to bed its 5 am
Kimmi Kennedy: Have a good night love
MagicMan: Nite nite
Kimmi Kennedy: Good morning champ!
Kimmi Kennedy: One more day!!!
Kimmi Kennedy: Btw… I thought long & hard about what you said to me on skype last night. If you are seriously trying to f__k with me, I got no problem taking down, censoring or disconnecting from any of that stuff. It means nothing to me… But you do.. ;;)
MagicMan: If that's you means of income I can't ask that you just give that up but if you and I are gonna be spending a lot more time together then I just want to be comfortable with us.

Is Kimmi An Escort??

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Dude pretty much told her she’s for recreational purpuses only and not to give up her day job and her response is that she will give up the day job and allow him to screw random hoes just for the opportunity to be with him. Talk about low self esteem. What is she putting him on blast for?

  • snh

    This has desperate written all over it lol . Her messages are so pathetic, his are so generic they could be to anyone.

  • Evy

    Tarva is a huge lip dog. I wonder how his new girl kk looks without all the make up and wig. Maybe like a man. Hmmm.

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