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Draya would really have the world believe that she’s a victim of random slander, wouldn’t she?

If the police report wasn’t enough for you to believe that at least at one point in her life, Draya was an “ain’t s***” baby mama, maybe this will. Steve Henshaw, the Pennsylvania journalist who put her on blast for the mainstream has responded via to Draya’s allegations that people just won’t let her be great.

This item was published in the 9/16/11 edition of the Eagle about Howard’s court case. The article I wrote was based entirely on the police report (the affivadavitt of probable cause) that I had in hand. After Howard’s mother called to complain that the story was inaccurate, I called the police officer and he said the story was very accurrate. Howard’s entering ARD status is tantamount to a guilty plea. Why would a judge order her to 40 hours of family counseling if he/she didn’t believe that what the police officer reported he saw/heard was true? Andraya Howard shows her character when she accuses the police and the paper of making up facts after she has under oath before a judge accepted the punishment.

Here is the article Henshaw wrote:

Former Wyomissing mom, sentenced for child endangerment, on VH1 reality show

Andraya M. Howard, a former Wyomissing woman arrested in January for abandoning her 7-year-old son while she worked in Philadelphia, has popped up on the hit VH1 reality series, “Basketball Wives LA.”

Going by the name Draya Michele, she is a model and aspiring actress in Los Angeles, according to VH1’s website.

On June 14, Howard was accepted into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, which allows first-time offenders to clear their record after serving probation. She was sentenced in Berks County Court to two years of probation and ordered to attend family counseling and perform 40 hours of community service on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

“Basketball Wives of LA” debuted in August and airs at various times throughout the week on VH1.

SMH, we don’t understand why a) Draya or anyone would believe anyone cares enough about her life to make up a police report, and b) why she hasn’t realized that the more she denies these stories the more inclined people will be to want to make her look like a liar.

Meanwhile, way back in January when Draya first got popped, someone decided to give her little boy an imaginary voice in tweets. Peep the hilarity on the next page



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