Journalist Who Exposed Draya Michele Speaks Out About “Made Up Story” Allegations, Plus Some Twitter Comedy From “Draya’s Son”

- By Bossip Staff

First he came straight at Draya…

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  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Who freakin’ cares about her past! Everybody make mistakes! I’m not gonna point the finger at her because I know I’ve done some stuff I’m not proud of! Everybody who is throwing stones at this girl, should get some thrown right back! No one is perfect! And really Draya didn’t have to explain crap to can o’ biscuit neck(Jackie) and her thickums crew! Those bitter b****hes all have skeletons in they’re closet especially that atrocious wig wearing hag Imani, she lies about having kids to snatch a baller, she thought she had hit the jackpot by almost marrying Stephen Jackson until he blasted her @ss! All I’m saying is who cares what the journalist have to say! Just leave this Draya girl alone! Draya needs to understand that she don’t owe anyone an explanation, not the hags on BBW, not Bossip, the media etc….. She needs to continue doing her and move on from the madness! Some people like to point out other peoples flaws to avoid they’re flaws from showing!

  • Jesse


    You must have done something pretty bad.
    Shame on you.

  • ms jackson

    Draya is beautiful leave her alone I love her boobs

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @ jesse, so have u! Now have a \_

  • meme

    She’s wrong for abandoning her son and lying the way she did says a lot about who she is.. She’ll look back and regret not being there for her son. I hope this fame chasing is worth it though. No amount of fame or money would make me leave my children. But Its not my place to judge her. All of those women have issues. And to gang up on her was immature.

  • Got that right

    I’m not even a Draya fan, but I agree with Westside cutie!

  • btrue

    The counseling could have been for any reason not necessarily what was read on the show. Its really nobodys business as long as she did her work. Even if some of the story is true it doesnt mean her son spoke to the cops.
    Why are people so giddy about the possibility of someone elses tragedy. How is it possible to look so hard in someone elses life for dirt. Wasnt laura just in the news for is 4kids in 5 years workin out for the kids? Thats what she needs to work on.

  • Jayy

    Omg! I Like How Everybody Is Pointing The Finger At Her Like Thier Live Are Perfect… IF She Really Did Leave Her Son Alone..YES She Was Dead Wrong…But She’s Human Just Everyone Else ! Andd All Them On BasketBall Are FAKE and Foney..Because Gloria Isn’t Married…Her Sister Slept With Shaq..Imanni Is A Lonely Iscure Women..And Jackie She Just Plain Messy And Made Sure To Keep Marrying Till She Got 5he PUSH-OVER She’s Married…So All Those Who AREN’T Perfect Need To STFU! We’ve All Made Mistake’s ! So Grow Up And Move Yall So Concertain About Her And What Goes…When Ya’ll Shit Ain’t Right !

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  • Mystyri

    idiots. Brainwashed idiots. What type of world have we entered where we defend child abuse? DRAYA IS WRONG! Money chasing, p*ssy popping, fame hopping in sacrifice of her son! IDIOTS ABOVE ME! This world frustrates me hard. Smh.

  • Mystyri

    and lmbo at those tweets! Especially Joe Budden’s!

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