Bossip Exclusive: Maybe Tameka Ain’t So Crazy After All??? The Truth About What Usher Did To Really Set Her Off!!!

- By Bossip Staff

We got more tea than Liptons hunny! To most outside eyes, it’s been looking like Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond has been going a little too hard to make him look like a bad parent. But after receiving numerous insider tips to the contrary, we decided to follow up a source close to the situation. Let’s just say Usher might be guilty of acting like a lil itchbay as of late — and it’s about time he got put on blast.

First, the “Saks card” that was mentioned in the initial TMZ reports about their custody dispute is not a CREDIT CARD.

Sources confirmed to Bossip that she was upset because Usher assured her she would be able to maintain use of their Saks VIP benefits card, a special members perk that she used to purchase things for their children which in turn saves him money. Usage of the card was part of their divorce settlement, it doesn’t cost him any money, it’s just a card Saks extends to their VIP customers, and Tameka can use cash, AMEX or any other kind of tender and receive a 25% discount. It has been confirmed to BOSSIP this is what she meant by “she can no longer enjoy the benefits of the card.”

So it’s not even like she has a revolving credit card and is charging it up and he’s paying the bill! Usher just decided to be spiteful and remove Tameka from the card.

We were also able to clear up some of the confusion about why all these issues and beef has arisen as of late. Much of the tension stems from a very recent incident at Cinco’s birthday:

Last Saturday was Cinco’s birthday and Tameka held a party for him at her business. The party was held from 3pm-6pm and Usher was scheduled to pick up Cinco at 6pm and keep him until 8pm, however, when he arrived at 6:02 pm the party was still in full swing and Cinco hadn’t even opened his gifts. Instead of acting like a mature co-parent and coming inside to wait while his son finished celebrating with his guests, Usher refused to come inside and demanded Tameka bring Cinco to him. To add further insult to injury, when Usher brought Cinco home at 8pm he brought his current girlfriend Grace Miguel with him — the woman he cheated on Tameka with — to the home he and Tameka used to share. Sources confirmed this happened Thanksgiving weekend, when she had a house full of family visiting from out of town.

Not cool at all. What father snatches their kids from their own birthday party?? He could have at least let him open up his gifts and say thank you to the people that came out and gave him gifts. Not to mention the embarrassment of having your ex act like that in front of family. SMH…

What do you think? Was Ush out of line? Does Tameka have reason to be upset?

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  • real real talk

    The real truth of the matter she caught him in bed with another man Ho work at the saks fith avenue
    And thats why the card was shut down

    Real real talk

  • We Don't Believe You... You Need More People!

    Sounds like a 1 sided story if I ever heard 1. Yeh, suuuure…. She was just reaping the benefits for the kids sake 😉 And I guess he was wrong for being responsible n showing up ontime to get his kids lol. As for speaking on who he drove up to the house with to drop off the kids… That’s his business. Y`all aren’t fooling anyone. What we have here is a simple case of someone who has grown tired of another taking advantage of his kindness. That woman is just mad that she no longer has control over that man’s life. Tell em why ya mad, Tameka … Tell em why you really mad haha

  • Vida

    WHERE IS THE POOP TAMEKA! He was on time to pick up the child. It was kind of off the chain that she wanted him to come in and wait for her to finish. He was being quite respectful not to bring someone she doesn’t like into her home around her family. Maybe they had plans for his son’s birthday and didn’t want to be late.

    As for the saks card if you can’t have your own you may as well let that go. You were a single mom for a long time befor there was Usher. Get your self sufficiency back.

  • lela

    Somebody’s mad because they baby daddy or ex husband can’t afford nothing….get your perks Mika!

  • joy

    Im still waiting on the proof shes not crazy. Seems a little petty and bitter to me. He has his kids for 2 hrs and shes running late so he has to shorten his time? He is footing the bill isnt he? He had his sons back on time. So what if he has his girlfriend with him? Hes not married and if Tameka was over him she wouldnt care who he was with. At no point in this story did you talk about him being on drugs but sye wants him drug tested. Yup, shes bitter ane gilted.

  • Tameka Your Full Of Dog DUNG!!!

    Tameka Your Full Of Crap For These Reasons..

    1) usher was there when he said he would be!!! Why didn’t u have cinco ready when he was supposed to be? The party was over at six! He came at 6:02! You did it purposely just so he would have to come in their & celebrate with you! Your not over him. Believe me y’all. I know how bm’s operate. I see it all the time. They will force contact with their Bd if they have to and she is no different.
    2) he is not with u and has a right to date whoever he wants. If u were truly over him u wouldn’t care who he dates or who he brings in ur home! U would even be able to befriend her. (see will, jada and his ex wife fir instructions) the only reason you err upset her presence is because ur not over him. He did not disrespect u. U are MIT his girl anymore. Accept it & stop acting like a fool!
    3) have u been using that saks card strictly fir the kids? Doubt it! *case closed*
    4) do u give your first batch if kids and first hubby this much attention? Where are they btw? Didn’t u cheat with usher? What did u expect? What goes around comes around!

    U want sympathy? Puh lease! Poor usher! I know he wishes he would have listened to his momma. You have ruined this mans career, life legacy. Ughhh

  • kiki

    I really had her back until this foolishness. He was on time to pick her kids up. She should have had them ready. He didn’t do anything wrong. And he brought them back on time. And why she mad cuz he bought the chic he cheated with? She still want him bottom line. My exhusband is with the chick he cheated with and they are having a baby. I’m so over it I went to the baby shower- and purchased a helluva gift! Tameka is only doing this cuz she mad cuz usher don’t want her no more. And its sad cuz the kids are the only ones suffering. Shame on her.

  • Ms. Bella

    I really am not going to judge, Tameka; However, I was living in metro Atlanta and Usher would bring the boys to Piedmont Atlanta. There was footage on that..and to me he seems like a great Father. There is a special joy on his face when he is with his boys. Tameka, please honor Usher’s relationship with you all childrens because good fathers deserve respect and appreciation. A son needs his father..and Usher love his boys with all his heart. Alot of women dont and didnt have that. Trust me I know. Do you realize you can cause him to lost endorsement deals, gigs, and most of all his kids grown up they will be going to school he is in the spotlight so they can be targeted for insult and disrespect..a Saks discount not worth it, a girlfriend in the car not worth it, and jealous is a silent and unsilent killer. You seem like a distinguish women. If you continue with this that and the other..ur 25% discount wont be worth nothing..because his money will be depleted and dried up..paying attorney fees..!

  • Case'

    The only thing I agree with is the girlfriend not coming to Tomeka house cause if she brought her man or whomever she’s dating over to Usher house, he would raise hell about that. But I would say this, he had every right to take away her Saks card cause she can get her own and he did pick their son up on time so she need to stop complaining about that cause some fathers out there that dont even do that or nothing at all.

  • Cush33

    Tameka I know u read the blogs so I’ll talk straight to u. You are a mother first and farmost. Do not allow your feelings to become a road block for a man being a father to his kids. The past is the past let that man be a father because if you continue you will push him away from them. That only will hurt your kids in the long run. It was your responsibility to have the party over by 6. Unless you all are still smashing I can’t see why you wouldn’t expect him to have this woman around. Don’t be a bitter babymomma. Do what is best for the kids and removing there father from there life is not it.

  • Vicki

    @KiKi< honey u sound like an idiot, yeah your husband cheated on u, yes u must forgive but u dam fool to be sitting over there at her baby shower buying expensive gifts, who said u have to make friends with the trick who stole your man, bit** please MOVE ON thats none of your buisness.Go get u a man.

  • Lisa

    All I have to say is she should have had those kids ready at 6pm. It’s not Ushers responsibly to kick it at the party. Maybe he had plans for the boy at 6:15!

  • mikaili

    What!? How dare he pick his kid up on time! He ended the discount card that was a perk not a necessary provision?…
    SHAME! #whateverTameka

  • Lee

    She still sound crazy to me.

  • KiWi1984

    As a “celebrity stylist” why doesn’t she have her own Saks card? I’m tired of this back and forth nonsense. I kicked usher to the curb when his music went down hill and I never respected tameka. She thinks as a mother she holds all the power, but she doesn’t. I never hear of her mention her other kids, I guess there’s a gag order on that. Also if she’s so upset over saving 25% then her @$$ needs to stay out of Saks and live within her means. I’m sure usher takes them shopping. I don’t feel bad for either one, usher dated her while she was married so what did he expect from her? And people warned usher about her and he did what he wanted, so now they bother have to deal with it. I just hope usher D. Wade her sorry @$$ so she’ll go away.

    Spell check?!?!?!?!?

  • meeka

    Hey cheated. She cheated ..she was after the money now he paying for his sons comfort, her other five kids comfort ..woop woop…

  • Deena

    Didn’t she know how to plan a party with right timing. Not like she didn’t have a choice to do the party on the day thacns
    t was so conviently on swap children day. And she must have done some serious shopping at Saks lol

  • givmeabrek

    She’s still crazy and she’s bitter….get ur own card and hav ur children ready when their father comes to pick them up, how bout that psycho Meeka!!!!

  • Zogie

    I totally read this yea this seems soo one sided.. but I think.. the card was part of the settlement meaning he legally OWEd this PERK to her.. then the party.. most kids Birthday parties really don’t End when they are suppose to maybe people came late which is what it sounds like since he hadn’t even opened his gifts..but that wasn’t a big deal. Hopefully he got to cut his cake.. now the house thing.. yea.. look I’m a big o UsherFan…Usher took his girlfriend over there because he feels that’s his house..if his focus was on little cinco and he only had 2 hours when did the girlfriend come along????????? Yea… anyway…….he was being a tiny bit trif… parenting can be hard.. and even harder when you have to share custody because when things like Birthdays and Holidays come along someone feels short changed.. and these events are emotional.

    And P.S to the people who say look at Will and Jada.. that magic took Years.

  • Day

    Bunch of stupid little kids on these sites. Divorce settlements are intended to make sure the children continue to enjoy a lifestyle thats comparable (not necessarily the same as) to the lifestyle they enjoyed within the marriage. Thats only fair to the children. Imagine if mom could only afford Walmart while dad was doing FAO Schwartz ..that would compromise the maternsl relationship. Besides, its an issue of race anyway. Tameka is being vilified because she is a dark- skinned woman with “baggage”. How many White women advocate for their children to live comfortably & arent scorned like this? Since no one truly knows what has gone on in their relationship, why judge? She looks happy & engaged with her children when shes out too. And.?

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