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We got more tea than Liptons hunny! To most outside eyes, it’s been looking like Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond has been going a little too hard to make him look like a bad parent. But after receiving numerous insider tips to the contrary, we decided to follow up a source close to the situation. Let’s just say Usher might be guilty of acting like a lil itchbay as of late — and it’s about time he got put on blast.

First, the “Saks card” that was mentioned in the initial TMZ reports about their custody dispute is not a CREDIT CARD.

Sources confirmed to Bossip that she was upset because Usher assured her she would be able to maintain use of their Saks VIP benefits card, a special members perk that she used to purchase things for their children which in turn saves him money. Usage of the card was part of their divorce settlement, it doesn’t cost him any money, it’s just a card Saks extends to their VIP customers, and Tameka can use cash, AMEX or any other kind of tender and receive a 25% discount. It has been confirmed to BOSSIP this is what she meant by “she can no longer enjoy the benefits of the card.”

So it’s not even like she has a revolving credit card and is charging it up and he’s paying the bill! Usher just decided to be spiteful and remove Tameka from the card.

We were also able to clear up some of the confusion about why all these issues and beef has arisen as of late. Much of the tension stems from a very recent incident at Cinco’s birthday:

Last Saturday was Cinco’s birthday and Tameka held a party for him at her business. The party was held from 3pm-6pm and Usher was scheduled to pick up Cinco at 6pm and keep him until 8pm, however, when he arrived at 6:02 pm the party was still in full swing and Cinco hadn’t even opened his gifts. Instead of acting like a mature co-parent and coming inside to wait while his son finished celebrating with his guests, Usher refused to come inside and demanded Tameka bring Cinco to him. To add further insult to injury, when Usher brought Cinco home at 8pm he brought his current girlfriend Grace Miguel with him — the woman he cheated on Tameka with — to the home he and Tameka used to share. Sources confirmed this happened Thanksgiving weekend, when she had a house full of family visiting from out of town.

Not cool at all. What father snatches their kids from their own birthday party?? He could have at least let him open up his gifts and say thank you to the people that came out and gave him gifts. Not to mention the embarrassment of having your ex act like that in front of family. SMH…

What do you think? Was Ush out of line? Does Tameka have reason to be upset?

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