Played: The Most Embarrassing Ways These People Found Out They Got Cheated On

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It’s one thing to get cheated on…but it’s even worst to get embarrassed.

We’ve seen some pretty embarrassing things happen to celebrities. But nothing is more embarrassing than watching a celebrity realize they got cheated on. It makes us cringe to see, but in hindsight, it’s mildly hilarious.

Take a look at the list.

Evelyn’s Revelation – Poor, crazy, unstable Tammy. Evelyn told her about her affair with Tammy’s husband on national television. Sheesh.

The Situation – He thought he had Sammi bagged up until she was with the other guido in the house. Again, on national TV!

Angelina’s Slickery – Jen didn’t find out until these two were taking public trips while filming a movie. C’mon Brad.

Crashing The Party Pt. 1 – Faith found out about Biggie screwing around on her with Charli Baltimore after Big got in a car crash with her. Whoops!

Tiki’s D-Baggery – He dropped his wife while she was pregnant. That’s more so heartless than embarrassing.

Matt Barnes Bad Day – Even though they were separated, having your wife’s picture with her all post-coital show up on Twitter is never a good look.

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    Karrueche’s Crisis – She’s had to watch Breezy run around with Rih Rih for months now. But the kicker? Dude made a song about wanting to bang his ex while she just sits there and ignores it.

    Lauren London – So how’d the news get back that Weezy was double (triple?) timing? Other broads started popping up pregnant!

    Crashing The Party PT. 2 – Faith walked in on Big and Kim. Then they made a movie about it!

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