Celebrities That Lost Cellphones

Bad Signals: People That Lost Their Cell Phones And Damn Near Ruined Their Lives

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Celebrities That Lost Cellphones

It’s really inconvenient when one of us loses our cell phones. We have to report it to the cell phone company, get a new phone and move on. It’s inconvenient but not life altering. These celebs lost their phones and it damn near ruined their lives. Click through to see the victims.

Havoc – He went on a nasty twitter rant about his rap partner Prodigy then said he left his cell phone at a gas station. Almost ruined his rap group.

Lloyd Banks – He gets a bonus mention. He left his WHOLE album in some groupie’s car and had to start over. Sigh. That’s worst than a cell.

Ricky Martin – He lost his cell phone that revealed pics of him sans any clothes. At least he wasn’t hanging out with other guys in the pics.

John Mayer – Mayer lost his phone and had scantily clad pictures of his exes. Swag.

Ricki Lake – She lost her cell and had pics from her honeymoon leak.

Brad Pitt – He lost a cell phone that allegedly had Angelina Jolie all up on it. But the Illuminati saved them from going public.

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Lindsay Lohan – When she lost her cell phone, the world was privy to possible illegal isht and even more pictures!

Trina – When she lost her phone and private pics of her and Kenyon Martin leaked, she was heartbroken.


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