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Chris Lighty’s Ex-Wife Escorted By Personal Security To His Funeral

The music industry was able to get some sense of closure this week at the funeral of deceased veteran talent manager Chris Lighty. Although it was a very, very, sad affair there is still an air of uncertainty in regards to the events surrounding Lighty’s death.

His passing was reported by NYPD as a suicide, but there are many who were close to Chris that feel that some form of foul play must have been involved because he was not “the type”

Folks at AllHipHop report:

I heard LL (Cool J) deviated from his speech and eventually muttered “Something ain’t right.” This leads to speculation by many that Chris Lighty didn’t kill himself at all.

A more flagrant display of that same sentiment came via DJ Scratch’s Twitter feed, where he states:

Wow, tough crowd, But the hip-hop community has never been one to bite its’ tongue and when one of its’ own dies out of nowhere it leads to a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Hopefully if there is any sign that Lighty’s death was not a suicide then the authorities will take the proper action and not write it off as “another dead ni**a*.

Veronica filed for divorce from Chris last year but retracted the papers earlier this summer and initial reports stated that the two were in an argument just hours prior to his death. Veronica has denied that the exchange ever took place.

We can’t be sure that Veronica had anything to do with Chris’ death, but there sure does seem to be a lot of speculation as to why this man inexplicably took his life.

But we have to ask, why would she bring security to her ex-husband’s funeral?? She is FAR from famous and no one outside of the music industry would even recognize her as his ex-wife. That kind of thing will DEFINITELY earn you a *side-eye*

Sadly, Chris’ death may go the way of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, shadowed in doubt and skepticism.

R.I.P. “Baby Chris”

Image via RollingOut

Hit the flipper to see pics of Diddy, LL, 50 Cent and more leaving the funeral.


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