The Mighty Have Fallen: How Stacey Dash Went From Beloved Banger To Social Pariah

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Stacey Dash’s Fall From Grace

Remember the old Stacey Dash? The banger that’s had our hearts ever since the early 90s? Remember how she could do no wrong and stay the most beautiful woman on the planet? Well that all seemed to pass.

Now Stacey Dash has joined the ranks of attention slores that most people can’t stand. How did this happen? Let’s take a look from her hot beginnings to how things ended up like they are now.

She popped on the scene in the early 90s and first reached banger status in Mo’ Money. Even then she had us hooked.

Then she got on Clueless and totally stole our hearts. It’s amazing she was damn near 30 and played a high school kid.

She seemed to disappear for a while only to resurface in Kanye West’s “All Falls Down” video looking as scrumptious as ever. This was her career resurgence.

She posed for King…

And Playboy…but soon it would all fall apart

Dash got married and divorced three times and her baggage was starting to pile up.

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    Then she did a show called “Single Ladies” that went well until her diva attitude had her catching a mean fade from Lisa Raye and given a pink slip.

    That horrible movie with Terrell Owens wasn’t a good look either.

    Then it all fell apart when she took to twitter to support Mitt Romney and disown her heritage to boot. Smooth move, Stacey. Sigh, you were the greatest.

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