Truth Hurts: Top 10 Most Overrated Artists, Pt. 2

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kanye west

Industry-hype always outshines talent in today’s microwave music society. To many, Pt. 1 was “incomplete,” so we made a Pt. 2.

Here are ten MORE of the most overrated artists in the game. Take a look.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show


1) She only has ONE classic album (and a few timeless records) in 10+ years.

2) Her last album (“4”) only did 310,000 first-week. Taylor Swift’s latest album (“RED”) did 1.2 million first-week and she’s 100% trash, musically.

3) Rihanna (who’s completely-talentless) has sold more albums than her (25 million).

4) Britney, Taylor, RiRi, Gaga and Katy earned more in 2012 than “KING” Bey. After hearing “Bow Down,” you would think otherwise.

808's and heartbreaks

Kanye West

1) He’s always been lyrically-corny. Exhibit A: Hovvie Hov putting him in timeout on the “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix).”

2) He hasn’t produced a record without a co-producer since “College Dropout.”

3) Most of his “brilliant” concepts are borrowed–Treatments for videos? Stanley Kubrick. Production style? No I.D. Rap flow? Rhymefest + Consequence.

3 stacks

3 Stacks

The fame-allergic MC drops an average of 3.793 verses a year when he’s not frolicking across Wyoming meadows dressed like Denise Huxtable. Top 5 lyricist…ever? Maybe, but ZERO solo albums in 19 years.

eminem auotobio


Would the trailer park-bred MC have sold 100 million albums worldwide if he were Black? Nope. Lyrically-brilliant? Yes, but easily Rap’s biggest gimmick (See: “My Name Is”) with very few timeless records.



The legendary underachiever was recently crowned “Greatest Lyricist of All-Time” by CNN, which may be true, but 70% of his albums are trash. At some point, people have to be honest about Nasir Jones.

Dr. Dre

Last year, Rap’s greatest con artist made $110 million off over-hyped headphones he doesn’t personally develop. 21 years in the game. 2 albums (and the mythical “Detox”). Countless classics produced by his talented team of ghost producers. Overrated.

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    Nicki Minaj

    She went from ONE show-stealing verse on Kanye’s “Monster” to American Idol judge without accomplishing anything. Nicki is what happens when you combine perfectly-timed gimmicks with industry-fueled hype.


    Kirk Franklin

    The smedium-sized hypeman/songwriter has made millions as Gospel’s DJ Khaled. For years, it was his incredibly-talented “Families” that made him hot, not his Diddy-esque song narration and twerking.

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    John Legend

    The neatly-petite crooner/pianist and his Baptismal water-splashed vocals peaked on “Get Lifted.” After that, it was clear he only belonged on hooks, not full-length songs.

    India-Arie-Testimony-1 -Life-&-Relationship


    Her shea buttery-one with the Earth, moon and stars-purified with precious African bookstore oils-Soul is more fake deep and pretentious than uplifting. After “Video,” her career crumbled in slow motion.

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