NBKOTB: Andre Scott, Kelton Crenshaw, And Emory Jones PMK Customs Company Designs Exclusive High-End Sneakers For Jay-Z, Beyonce, And More!

- By Bossip Staff

KC: Everybody works really well together. Me and him know a lot of the same people we had just never met. When I started law school I stopped going down to Miami or moving around. I started law school three years ago but I’m about to graduate in May. Going back to Emory, when Andre and I teamed up, he would tell me, “Yo, I can’t wait for you to meet Em. Ya’ll know a lot of the same people and ya’ll kind of think alike so it was nice man.” and it worked out well.

AS: It was a mutual friend I had, a childhood friend. He does some stuff with us back home [in Cleveland]— a lot of the groundwork, like the street team. We were on a phone call one day and he was just talking to Emory and my silly behind didn’t know who Emory Jones was at that time, so he was just like, “Here, talk to him.” So I’m like, “What am I about to talk to this guy for?” He says, “It’s Emory.” “Like why am I talking to Emory?”

So I finally get on the phone and he was a cool dude and like, “So, what ya’ll got going on over there in Cleveland.” He said he heard a lot of stuff, so we talked and I asked him what kind of shoes he likes. He’s into New Balance and everything 900s. When I got off the phone, I googled Emory Jones and got my knowledge up about who it was [Laughs]. At the time I did that research, we went ahead and did a one-of-one South Beach New Balance 999 for him. We brought it down and delivered it to him on his birthday and the shoe made major press. A lot of people were trying to buy it but we didn’t sell it because it was only for him. From there, we just built a relationship and he was very helpful like, “What do yall need? How can I help?” I had to explain what we was missing and how he could help get in. From there we got in and ever since then it’s been rolling. Everything that has happened for us has happen organically. And I think that’s why everything works because none of that was forced.

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