NBKOTB: Andre Scott, Kelton Crenshaw, And Emory Jones PMK Customs Company Designs Exclusive High-End Sneakers For Jay-Z, Beyonce, And More!

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Quality Over Quantity

KC: Honestly, like it depends on the product, the customer, the client, whatever the case may be. I mean you figure like with the Brooklyn Zoo, that’s like a two-month turn around for one shoe. We have to search for the animal hides and everything is done by hand. It’s a total reconstruction and we’re not doing overlays or anything like that. It’s a very time consuming process, which is why the quality is so good. It can take anywhere from two to eight weeks for us to turn a shoe around.

AS: Us three, especially Kelton and Emory, are great tastemakers. They’re very into fashion. Not just new fashion but also old fashion so, it’s like we all sit down and just bounce ideas off each other. Then once something sounds right, we get a sketch all marked up then look at it and figure like, “This is what we need to do.” It’s a collaborated effort to make sure it’s a dope design. But having great tastemakers and people who create stuff on the team helps. We have years of fashion experience on our time so its kind of dope.

Look inside the process that Andre and Kelton use to create their perfectly made kicks

On the final page the guys give some sound advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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