NBKOTB: Andre Scott, Kelton Crenshaw, And Emory Jones PMK Customs Company Designs Exclusive High-End Sneakers For Jay-Z, Beyonce, And More!

- By Bossip Staff

The Beginning Of The PMK Brand

AS: PMK stands for Perfectly Made Kicks. Everything we do, we take pride in and put our hats on because it’s going to be perfect. So I’m just saying, it had a little range to it. Perfectly Made Kicks is a little long to be saying and everything so the acronym ‘PMK’ just sounds cool. PMK Customs, PMK that’s what we go by. So I just really hang our hats on making sure everything is top-notch luxury. Our mission is we’re going to be the Maybach of the sneaker culture brand lifestyle and dibble dabble into anything else. We’re going to be that luxury provider, that provider at a high scale and a high fashion.

KC: We just try to position our brand and through the relationships, we’ve had an advantage honestly. I mean I can’t front on that. But with a guy like Jay-Z wearing your shoes, it puts your foot in a certain light and then your product is already hot. We made it make the most sense. I mean if it was just some regular shoes or something it would’ve been cool for a day but the fact that we’re having this conversation and it was in November [when he wore it] and all based off of a combination and quality of the footwear, plus the product and execution combined with our relationship—it’s allowed us to really move quickly.

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