NBKOTB: Andre Scott, Kelton Crenshaw, And Emory Jones PMK Customs Company Designs Exclusive High-End Sneakers For Jay-Z, Beyonce, And More!

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Soak Up The Game

AS: You know when you have a vision just go for it. You know keep the passion in what your doing, one thing I always tell people is cultivating relationships is key in any business. If I didn’t cultivate a relationship with Kelton there was no telling you know where we would be right now. Never think you’re too big for anybody and you never know who you’re talking to so make sure you cultivate a relationship and network your behind off because sometimes you could have a vision and your vision could go nowhere. It could be one of the best visions in the world but, if you have no way to get it out there then what are you doing? So I think cultivating a network is better than finance sometimes. Don’t let anybody tell you, “You cant do it.” Just keep the path and cultivate the relationships.

KS: I would say, you know just keep it real. You got to be the same regardless. For instance like with him, normally I wouldn’t have took that. I had so many people sending me e-mails of different shoes they were dropping and I’m getting stuff from people not knowing we’re here. My one dude that’s an attorney right now, was sending me stuff he was like, “Oh I got this guy” and I was like cool, but I didn’t really understand what they wanted to do with me. So, you just never know. Whoever you meet, keep it professional because you never know what opportunities may arise. You never know who you’ll meet on your way to the top and way back down. With somebody you know, you may be working for him and may need a favor one day and they’ll be like “No deal”.

Below you can pictures of the PMK latest limited edition collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club sold exclusively at Lebron James Miami boutique UNKWN and the BBC flagship in NYC.

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