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Nah, talk that gangsta isht you were talkin’ before…

Yesterday, Katy Perry found herself under fire after lightning rod Chicago rapper Chief Keef tweeted threats of bodily harm toward the busty brunette.

We’re not sure if Katy did any research about the teen rapper of the quick-to-shoot Chi-town thugs that he hangs with, but after catching wind of Keef’s beef Katy copped a plea faster than a muhfugga!

LMFAO @ “Mr. Keef”

Let this be a lesson to all you eThugs and iGangstas…isht can get real for you behind those 140 characters.

Hit the flip side to read the rest of Katy’s shook a$$ tweets

Image via Twitter

Keef will probably never be invited to the Grammy’s or any other non-urban music award shows so there is very little chance that these two will actually have to interact with each other in real life. But hopefully the Twitter Gods have a sense of humor and they will be seated next to each other on a flight…and hopefully we’re on that flight too!

In related Katy Perry news, she recently purchased not one, but TWO Hollyweird homes!

Keep flipping for pics.

Via Curbed

The two properties total 3.95 acres and were both purchased from heiress/philanthropist Aileen Getty–one has a glassy four-bedroom modernish thing (which Getty bought from E Streeter Max Weinberg, who bought it from writers/celebrity parents Stephen Gyllenhall and Naomi Foner); the other has “a nearly 4,000 square foot mock-Med main house, a semi-detached poolside guesthouse/cabana, and some sort of barn/equestrian facility” (or that’s what it had in 2004, when Getty bought it from Walmart heiress Sybil Robson Orr). Perry paid $3 million for the modernish house and $8.2 million for the mock-Mediterranean, for a grand total of $11.2 million.

Keep flippin’ to see where Katy will probably be hiding out from Keef’s goons.

Images via MLS

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