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9 Stupid Things People Do Because Of Rappers

Rappers are always setting trends. Whether they even make sense or not, rappers have people trying to be like them all the time. And whether you know it or not, you follow these stupid trends just because rappers tells you to. We won’t judge you. We know it to be true.

Popping Mollys – You weren’t popping Mollys until rappers told you to do it. Now you’re in rehab, moron.

Sizzurp – You didn’t drink that sizzurp or know what it was until rappers started hyping it up. Get it together.

Making It Rain – What you making it rain for while working at UPS? Just slide a single in her singlet and keep it classy.

Moscato – You don’t really like it. Get some real wine like a grown-up and stop trying to be Drake.

Rapping – All of these struggle rappers think they can rap now thanks to rappers running around with money. Sigh.

Tattoos – Oh so Wayne and Wiz have full body tattoos so you want them? Great. Now go get a job.

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Versace – Actually, every overpriced thing you guy probably came from a rap song.

Grill – You really got a grill and thought that’d be dope?

Rims – Where are your rims, now?


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