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Bossip:Your music is very raw and your Look is super fly, explain the Paloma Movement?

Paloma: Its Bold, Its Free, Its Honest, Its Stylish

Bossip: This generation of girls seem to be very outspoken. Your lyrics are very bold. How do you get inspired to write and create?

Paloma: I love to give a voice and an image to what my generation of woman are thinking and feeling.

Bossip: Your style is cool. Who are some of your favorite designers?

Paloma: Dreams of Celine, Balmain, McQueen, Ford &Lagerfeld but I also love what kids are doing with the street wear right now!

Bossip: What artist do you see yourself working with in the near future?

Paloma: Kendrick, ASAP, & Drake in no particular order

Bossip: What producers worked on your project?

Paloma: D&D did my project. Major producer/artists on the rise!!!

Bossip: How many songs are on your upcoming project?.

Paloma: I have enough for at least 2 projects so we shall see!

Bossip: You seem ahead of the game with your style and sound. How did this happen?

Paloma: Style wise, fashion has always been my thing. I just love to dress well. My sound I must give full credit to my producers D&D. They really helped me cultivate my own sound and hone into what my lane was. They gave a young, fresh flair to my music.

Bossip: Who are 2 of your favorite artist?

Paloma: Sade & Tupac

Bossip: What can we expect from your next project and what is it tittle?

Paloma: Expect consistent dope music. I will release the title of my project very soon!

Bossip: With music always evolving how so you plan on staying relevant?..

Paloma: I will take it day by day and stay true to myself. Im forever evolving.

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