Famous Regrets: 10 Celebs Who Had Tattoos Removed

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Tats are forever unless you’re a filthy rich celebrity with thousands to blow on painful laser removal sessions like everyone on this list.

Here are ten celebs who had tattoos removed. Take a look.


The ageless superproducer/vampire realized that his tats were “dumb” once his son was born and had them removed.

50 Cent

The career-ending rapper-turned-“actor” removed most of his ink to better his chances of being cast in major films.

Adrienne Bailon

The bronzed beauty should’ve known better than to get “Kardashian” tatted on her booty cheek (or anywhere). We all know how their relationships end.

Kenyon Martin

Remember when the reckless NBA baller dated Trina and got her lip print tatted on his neck? Well, they eventually broke up and you see what happened next. YIKES.

Angelina Jolie

The stunning yet creepy actress had her infamous Billy Bob tattoo removed after the doomed couple split to the shock of no one.

Mark Wahlburg

Back then, he was young, dumb and a member of the Funky Bunch. Now, he’s a successful B-List actor who’s too famous to have struggle tats.

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    Eva Longoria

    The Catfishy actress zapped ALL ink that reminded her of cheating cornball frenchman ex-husband Tony Parker.

    Megan Fox

    Tatting Marilyn Monroe’s WHOLE face on her arm probably seemed like a good idea at the time. And then she grew up.

    Marc Anthony

    The Skeletor-faced singer/actor covered up the “Jennifer” on his wrist immediately after divorcing his superstar wife. Oh, the hurt.

    Johnny Depp

    The globally-beloved actor had “Winona Forever” changed to “Wino Forever” after his split with actress Winona Ryder.

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