Gold Digger Diaries: Mike Tyson Admits That Robin Givens Faked Pregnancy & Miscarriage So He Would Marry Her?

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Now he aint sayin’ she a gold digger…..but she aint messin’ wit no broke…

Mike Tyson Says Robin Givens Faked Pregnancy So He Would Marry Her

From the late 80s to mid 90s, there weren’t many people who didn’t see actress turned arm-candy Robin Givens as the biggest gold-diggin’ groupie around.

It’s been over 20 years since she married, divorced and allegedly gained millions from former champion boxer Mike Tyson, but he’s finally coming clean about what he says really happened during their short-lived relationship.

Although Robin has somehow managed to salvage what was left of her reputation and continue her acting career today, Mike admits in his new book, “Undisputed Truth,” that he suspected her of being driven by money-hungry motives all along.

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In retrospect, Mike Tyson seems doubtful that his ex-wife, Robin Givens, was really pregnant when the two tied the knot.

It seems the “Head of the Class” and Boomerang actress told the heavyweight boxer that she was expecting their child, which apparently led to his proposal.

“I should have known something was up,” he wrote in his memoir Undisputed Truth. “I didn’t know that Robin and her mother, Ruth [Roper Givens], had been on the prowl for a big Black celebrity for Robin since she graduated college.”

So not only was Robin going for the gold but mama Givens was the one pushing her, according to Iron Mike. SMH.

He also admitted that he was suspicious of Robin’s “pregnancy” early on. Read the rest of what he had to say about that on the flip.

According to Mike, Robin and Ruth were able to take advantage of him because of his low self-esteem and naivety. “My social skills consisted of putting a guy in a coma,” wrote Mike who said the mother-and-daughter duo also demanded millions from him.

Mike and Robin exchanged vows in February 1988. Months later, Robin revealed to him that she’d lost the baby. They divorced in 1989.

“She was supposedly three months pregnant when we got married. Now it was June and she hadn’t gained a pound. So, the next thing I knew she was in bed and claimed she had miscarried our baby,” Tyson shared.

Sounds like Mike is basically confirming what everybody else suspected all along. Wonder what Robin will have to say about him putting her on blast more than 2 decades later?

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