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This broad just can’t get it together! The former prison guard who was busted for having a baby with a convicted cop killer has just lost custody of the kid for boozin’ it up with her baby daddy’s fam.

Nancy Gonzalez — who will be sentenced later this month for her jailhouse romp with Ronell Wilson, the murderer of two police officers — lost her parental rights after she was plied with alcohol by Wilson family members at two meetings over the summer, according to court papers.

Wilson relatives had wanted Gonzalez to testify about the baby at Wilson’s sentencing hearing earlier in the year in a bid to help him avoid the death penalty.

But Gonzalez refused to testify and Wilson was indeed sentenced to die for killing undercover NYPD Detectives Rodney Andrews and James Nemorin during a gun buy-and-bust in 2003.

At the meetings, Wilson’s family convinced Gonzalez to bring along the baby, though they were “subtly blaming her for the death verdict reached by the jury,” Gonzalez’s lawyer Anthony Ricco stated in court papers filed in hopes of leniency at the Nov. 15 sentencing.

Gonzalez, 29, was plied with alcohol by the in-laws at two meetings — though as a recovering substance abuser, she is prohibited from drinking as a condition of her bail.

The drinking, court papers said, “endangered the safety of the baby and led to an abuse-and-neglect proceeding endangering her maternal rights” — though it is unclear how a Family Court judge found out about the alleged bail violation.

The baby, conceived at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and named Justus, is now 5 months old. He has been temporarily placed in the foster care of Gonzalez’s maternal aunt. Neither Wilson nor his relatives have any parental rights.

“This sad episode underscores the depth of Nancy Gonzalez’s mental health issues and pressing need for her to receive treatment,” Ricco wrote.

His court papers also claim Gonzalez has been the victim of sexual molestation and rape by a stepfather, uncles and other men since she was a child.

Her mental health was so fragile that she had sexual contact with at least eight staff members — some men, some women — in her two years as a guard at the prison, Ricco said.

Gonzalez viewed Wilson as she viewed herself — as “damaged outsiders” — and thought bearing his child would provide a “legacy to his otherwise tragic and dysfunctional life,” according to court papers.

On the other hand, law enforcement officials believe Wilson merely sized up the vulnerable Gonzalez as someone he could easily manipulate into bearing his child so he could later argue against the death penalty because he had a son.

But the jury never heard about the boy because Gonzalez did not take the stand.

As Wilson remains in Death Row, Gonzalez faces up to 16 months in prison — but Ricco is urging Brooklyn Federal Judge Brian Cogan to give her probation so she can continue getting psychological help and take care of her son.

SMH @ her sex life being all up in the papers. Sounds like this woman needs some serious therapy before she should be entrusted with raising a child.

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