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Twitter allows anyone to share their thoughts in real-time and connect with hilarious strangers/future boos/business contacts but it can also get you FIRED  (and ruin your life) if you’re not careful with your words.

Here are ten celebs who were fired over tweets. Take a look.

Justine Sacco

It only took one incredibly-racist tweet for the privileged ex-P.R. exec to lose everything. But she’ll be aight. Her father is a billionaire.

Teyana Taylor

The strong-faced tomboyista was a victim of Twitter hype who lost her Adidas gig after joking about Rih-Rih’s domestic abuse during their infamous Twitter beef.

Larry Johnson

The troubled Pro Bowl RB was suspended by the Kansas City Chiefs after dissing the coaching staff/tweeting a slur and later cut when 32,000 fans petitioned the team to release him.

Rep. Anthony Weiner

That awkward moment when a public official tweets a pic of his man meat, claims he was “hacked” and shamefully resigns.

Rashard Mendenhall

The ex-Steelers RB was suspended by the team and dropped by Hanesbrand after controversial Bin Laden tweets.

Gilbert Gottfried

The painfully-annoying comedian tweeted terribly unfunny jokes about the Japanese tsunami and was quickly fired by Aflac. He was the voice of the Aflac duck.

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Mike Bacsik

The ex-MLB pitcher got wasted and tweeted this after the Mavericks’ heartbreaking Game 4 loss in the 2010 NBA playoffs. He was promptly fired from The “Ticket” radio show on KTCK-AM in Texas.

Jofi Joseph

The senior White House official (who was helping negotiate nuclear issues with Iran) was fired for sending hundreds of troll tweets from the @NatSecWonk handle.

Stuart MacLennan

The UK politician was dropped by Britain’s governing Labour Party after several “deeply-offensive” tweets.

Catherine Deveny

The “interesting looking” Australian comedienne (who also wrote for Melbourne’s The Age) was fired by the paper’s editor after slandering several celebs attending an Australian awards show.



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