About Last Night: Joy Bryant Talks Freaky Sex Scenes With Michael Ealy & Growing Up Poor In The Bronx

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Joy Bryant opens up about her humble beginnings & being comfortable with multiple on-camera sex scenes 

Joy Bryant Talks Sex Scene With Michael Ealy In About Last Night

Hollyweird actress Joy Bryant is certainly not new to the big screen but it’s been a while since we’ve seen her and she’s hitting the ground running to promote her latest film “About Last Night.”

Joy recently took a second to chat with Rolling Out Magazine about life as a Yale college student after growing up poor in the Bronx, her steamy sex scenes with eye candy Michael Ealy and more. Check out a few excerpts from her interview below:

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On attending college at Yale after growing up poor in The Bronx:
“The [worlds] were total opposites of each other,” she recalls. “I went from there and went to Yale [later], but when I went to Yale, it wasn’t as much of a culture shock as it was when I was 13 years old going from 167th and College Avenue up to Shrewsbury, Connecticut.

“And I think that for me, while going from the South Bronx to a predominantly white, rich school and area was a huge trip; but the thing that struck me most was not so much the racial differences — it was the economic differences. It’s a class thing a lot of times.

Racism comes into play but when I was there, it was like ‘Oh, I’m that poor?’ ” she says, chuckling. “My 13-year-old roommate had a credit card. I didn’t know adults who had credit cards!There were times where I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb in both worlds. When you’re in that environment on scholarship and don’t do well, you don’t get asked back. Whereas, someone else coming from means who doesn’t do well can just go to the next best thing.

There was a lot of pressure at a young age to not get your a** sent back home.”

Sounds like Joy has a pretty good head on her shoulders, riiiigghht? She also went into detail about what it was like gettin’ it poppin on camera with Michael Ealy and ditching her Ivy League college life to pursue modeling. Read what else she had to say on the flip.

On ‘About Last Night’ sex scenes with Michael Ealy:
“I think it’s pretty obvious when [sex scenes and nudity] are gratuitous,” she explains. “But if it makes sense — people do have sex — I don’t have a problem with that, as long as it’s not gratuitous.

But I have a healthy comfort level in terms of my body in regards to shooting those kinds of scenes. Not that I think I’m all that! [laughs] But I’m cool with it if it serves the purpose of the piece.

“I knew going in there was a lot of sex in the original movie. I already knew that! We didn’t know each other very well, but we have mutual friends that we’re both really close to, and we met before — so that kind of made us ‘homies by proxy.’ So that was natural. The chemistry was already there and we came in with trust and feeling comfortable with each other. We didn’t have to act that. It was just there.

You want to be comfortable with the person you’re intimate with, right? Well, it’s the same thing on set. It wasn’t a big trip for me. I think it all made sense. All those love scenes! [laughs]”

On dropping out of Yale to pursue a modeling career:
“When I dropped out of Yale and started modeling, having had exposure to a world outside of my neighborhood was great,” she says. “I always loved getting out into the world. When I was younger, I loved going into Manhattan and down to Greenwich Village. I thought it was so cool, it was the hip place to me, like ‘s–t is happening down there!’

I got to expand my horizons.”

 ‘About Last Night’ hits theaters today.  Will you be checking out this movie on Valentine’s Day?

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