Catfish Alert: Hateful Black Twitter Celeb @DarthVenn Gets DRAGGED To Hell After Being EXPOSED

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Black Twitter scandals are deliciously filthy spectacles centered around HATED Twitter celebs like tragically-lumpy troll @DarthVenn (“Venny”) whose catfishy existence was finally exposed. With thousands more enemies than fans on the ‘net, it was only a matter of time before the hateful blob was dragged through the Twitter streets by her back fat.

Hit the jump for the legendary Twitter dragging/catfish analysis/photos.

For those unfamiliar with hate-spewing Twitter goblin @DarthVenn, here’s a quick introduction…

Venny had these two Catfishy avis in heavy rotation. For years. Just these two.

At some point, this happened…

Then these pics recently surfaced…

No, that’s not Grimace from McDonaldland in disguise (middle). It’s (allegedly) Venny from the triple chin down.

So, basically, Catfishy Venny and her back rolls were spotted at Applebee’s by locals and the rest is history. Here’s the video (courtesy of @thesoulfleur).

Long story short, they stalked Venny (we don’t condone this) until she scampered out of Applebee’s with her Twitter fame in shambles.

What happened next is a classic moment in Twitter slander history…

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    Moral of the story? Never eat at Applebee’s Be humble on Twitter or you, too, could end up on the Black Twitter Summer Jam screen. No, we’re not 100% sure if that’s Venny in these pics but she’s deleted her account TWICE since they surfaced and hopefully learned her lesson after trending worldwide for all the wrong reasons.

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