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Mother Of Swizz Beatz Daughter Says She’s Not To Blame For His Divorce

Former Ruff Ryders DJ and music producer extraordinare Swizz Beatz might have things in order on the business end, but the messy history attached to his personal love life is another story.

UK recording artist Jahna Sebastian, who is the mother of super-sperm Swizzy’s 5-year-old daughter, recent chatted with Mara the Hip Hop Socialite and dished on everything from initially keeping her daughter a secret from him, being his mistress but not feeling responsible for the demise of his marriage to Mashonda, her relationship with Mashonda now and more.

Check out a few interview excerpts below:

On keeping her pregnancy and her daughter a secret from Swizz initially:
I did not want the news about my pregnancy and my daughter’s birth to become the reason of his divorce [from Mashonda].  It wasn’t, because I kept it secret from most people and from the media, although I mentioned the name in my immigration case during that time when I was asked but demanded confidentiality from them.

On having a child with Swizz while he was still married to Mashonda:
I didn’t even want to have anything with a married man, but I had to put my pride aside to give my child a chance to have a relationship with her father, however, it had to happen at the right time. I only reached out with official paperwork after I have found out that the divorce has already been filed for totally different reasons that had nothing to do with my child and I.

I wanted to save my daughter from that kind of negativity, because children are innocent. During those two years until I reached out, I had to deal with everything on my own without any child support and I was not entitled to any welfare at all either; those were hard times. I have never been on welfare anyway.

However, at least my daughter has nothing to do with the divorce and everybody was happy to find out about her.”

Jahna also spoke on her current relationship with Mashonda, how often Swizz sees their daughter and whether or not her recent lash out at “someone in power who could help” her career but won’t was about Swizz. Peep page 2 to read what else she had to say.


On how often Swizz sees their daughter:
Three to four times a year on average. I have always supported their relationship. That was the initial reason I have reached out in the first place because a child deserves a chance to have a relationship with the father.

On whether or not he’s a good father:

On whether or not she was referring to Swizz when recently called out a person with the power to help her career but wouldn’t:
No, I wasn’t talking about him. I have met many powerful people in the music business in different countries and I have been doing music since I was a child. I have my own path and I am used to working hard to get things in life myself, from earning my degree and certificates to coming to London and working here. I don’t expect anything from anyone, in fact, I believe the harder you work, the more you appreciate every bit of success.

I am totally self-made, from the shows I have played to projects I have worked on, it has been based on mutual interests and my professional skills I have to offer and which I have taken a very long time to learn. The music business is still dominated by men and as a female you have to really prove yourself without a man’s influence, which I have been working on since day one.

I have also helped other artists in their career and most of them are men. However, usually music is about collaboration and business is about making money together. Music business is about both. Help is something else, it comes out of good intentions.

Before I had a child, I made money for myself, now I work to provide Nicole with the best I can and also to give back to my mother, who has done so much to raise me.

On her current relationship with Mashonda:
We keep in touch. It’s all good.

On her latest music project titled “The Edge of Love:”
I wrote, produced, arranged and recorded everything on The Edge of Love in my studio Multivizion Music. It tells a story of being on the borders between love and hate, strong emotions.

I am a very passionate person, it’s all or nothing for me. It is about sudden changes that a relationship brings and the journey of immediate transformation through them. It is the dialogue between the extremes. It has a bit of Nietzsche, a bit of Kafka and a little bit of cyberpunk.

Judging from Jahna’s answer, it sounds like she and Mashonda put their own issues with each other aside so their kids could be in each other’s lives, which is definitely a good thing. Check out a few precious pics of proud papa Swizz enjoying a recent date night with he and Jahna’s daughter Nicole on the flip.





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