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Questions About Nikko And Mimi’s Tape

It’s Christmas today for some as Mimi and Nikko’s tape hit the ‘net. Ever since the preview dropped, everyone has been going on about watching it. Well, we did that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that. After watching, though, we have a few questions. Read through and see if you can provide some answers here.

1. Where Is All Their Furniture? – Are they in an empty house? Did they just get an empty flick house to shoot this or something because all they have is a bed and one of those photo clusters from Pier 1 Imports.

2. Is This How They Always Do It? – Because…nothing they’re doing looks comfortable. They’re doing this doggy thing that looks like it’s hell on the knees and just we’re confused.

3. Is Mimi Sleeping? – Is it past her bedtime or something? Why isn’t she making any noise? McFly!

4. This Music? – Even the music is boring as hell. Who picked this?

5. By The Way: People Still Pay For Flicks? – They do know the Internet exists right?


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7. So They Got A Camera Crew Now? There’s no way you can convince us their next part is done from a camera phone. They got the iPhone 7c? If not, we’re calling bollocks.

8. Should She Have Wrapped Her Hair? – It’s barely making it. Just saying.

9. Clearly That’s A Camera Crew! – We know this isn’t a question, but dude has his right hand on her head and the camera is over his right shoulder. Unless he has a third arm (II) then there’s a director and a sound guy and an editor all working this out.

10. Zzzzzzz – Sorry…fell asleep…next question!

11. When Is The Shower Scene?! – Damn, this feels like one of those action movies but you have to listen to them talk for the first two hours. Hurry up!

12. Why Are They Talking? – Because this can’t get even more boring?

13. Seriously, No Wrap? – Just gonna let that weave struggle under the tap water? Do you.

14. THAT’S IT?! – Okay, yeah, she hung on the shower rod but we saw that in the preview. That’s all you got for us? Please, Lord, extend our lives by 40 more minutes because we just wasted precious time you gave us on Earth by watching pure struggle and boredom and soggy weave.



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