Sidechicks: Sundy Carter Talks Having A Child By Married Baller Larry Hughes – “I Didn’t Impregnate Myself”

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Sundy Carter Speaks On Affair With Larry Hughes

Despite her unrelenting tendency to put just about all of the other cast members’ personal business on blast at her leisure, “Basketball Wives L.A.” new comer Sundy Carter has barely touched on the topic of her affair with married NBA baller Larry Hughes that resulted in a daughter.

Hip Hollywood caught up with Sundy for a quick chat and when they asked her about the relationship, she had a mouthful to say.

Check out a few excerpts from her interview below.

On having a child with a married man:
When two people are adults and they have a mutual understanding, I didn’t get pregnant by myself, I didn’t impregnate myself. I won’t go deep into that.

It’s not off limits but it’s just really irrelevant.

On not feeling the need to explain her previous situation with Larry:
I know what it is, I don’t need to explain myself, I don’t need to explain my story as to how I got my Kennedy.

As Sundy continued to “not explain herself” during the interview, she also hinted at her daughter with Larry being planned rather than an accident, despite the fact that he was married when the child was conceived. Check out what else she had to say on the flip.

On her daughter Kennedy:
It wasn’t immaculate conception and therefore I’m really strong when I speak. I’m probably getting a little loud, when I think about my 6 year old, I’m like ‘hold up we made this six year old together and we knowingly did this and this is what it is’.

On Larry being married while they were dating:
This is the outcome and regardless of who was lied to and whoever else was lied to, that’s not for me to judge. All I can go by is what was presented to me.

Sundy has always maintained that she didn’t know Larry was married at the time they were dating and it doesn’t sound like she’s changing her story now that the world is asking more questions. What do you think of her comments, Bossip fam?

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