Loose Lips: The Biggest Snitching Side Pieces Of All Time

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Mistresses Who Can’t Keep Secrets

The trick with cheating is avoiding being exposed by side chicks, however, with so many snitching side pieces, it’s hard to be discreet. For instance, just look at these side pieces who had to open their big mouths.

Waka Flocka – His alleged side chick put him on Instagram and even tagged his woman in the pic. Cold.

Princess Saralyn – She snapped this pic of her and Wayne while he was with his boo Dhea at the time.

Tiger Woods’ Mistresses – They all came out of the woodwork to make some money once he got exposed.

Superhead – She’s the happiest mistress of all time, writing a tell-all book exposing all the men she’d been with.

Tupac – He told the world that he’d gotten with Faith Evans while she was with Biggie. And a rap beef began.

Jay Z – He put the fact he chopped down Nas’ baby momma on blast. Sigh.

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    Carmen Bryan – Another mistress with a tell-all book.

    Rich Dollaz – He told Cyn that he was still chopping down her boo…because he does stuff like that.

    Anthony Weiner – He put himself on blast by putting his twit pic out for the world to see. Dumb move.

    Lexyy – She leaked a pic of her and T.I. hanging out together on Mother’s Day of all days. Not like that, Tip.

    Ashton Kutcher’s Hot Tub Woman – His marriage fell apart after a groupie recalled their tryst in a hot tub.

    Marilyn Monroe – She tried to put her affair with the President on blast, but that didn’t work out well for her.

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