Started From The Bottom: Famous Actors Who Started As Extras

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Actors Who Started As Extras

You should know by now that being an actor is a tough job to get into. Sometimes you have to start as a nobody. That’s what these actors did, starting as extras before hitting it big. Bet you didn’t know you could spot these actors before they were famous. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Marilyn Monroe – She had a line in the 1948 movie Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!…which we’re sure is in your Netflix queue.

Sylvester Stallone – He started as a subway thief in Woody Allen’s Bananas flick.

Megan Fox – She was an extra in Bad Boys and Michael Bay fell in love…now she’s in every one of his movies.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. – He was an extra in the barbershop scene in Coming To America.

Brad Pitt – He started in the movie Less Than Zero as a “partygoer” before his big break.

Channing Tatum – He was a little boy in Tom Cruise’s War Of The World…then he grew up.

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    Ben Affleck And Matt Damon – They were extras in the movie Field Of Dreams as baseball fans…because they are in real life.

    Jackie Chan – He was an extra in his idol Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon

    Bruce Willis – He was in a courtroom scene in The Verdict from the 70s.

    Clint Eastwood – He was a serial extra before blowing up.

    Fidel Castro – He was an extra in a movie from the 40s…go figure.

    Heath Ledger – He played a clown without any lives before becoming the great actor he turned out to be.

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