BUSTED!!! Money Mitt Tells Donors–In Private–That He Couldn’t Care Less About 47% Of Americans Who Support Obama And Get Government Checks [Video]

Just in case you needed more proof that Mitt doesn’t give a isht. Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Mexico: 18 Headless Bodies Found In Popular Mexican Tourist Spot

Police found 18 mutilated, headless bodies near a lake popular with tourists just outside Guadalajara, Mexico Continue »

‘Gay For Stay': New Film Exposes Men’s Post-Prison Sex Habits That Are Life-Threatening to Women

Ladies, and Gentlemen: Have you heard of the term “Gay For Stay,” and do you know someone who’s been locked down for a while? You may want to watch this film.

Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: Hospital That Called One-Time On Woman Who Died From Blood Clots In Jail Says They “Acted Appropriately”

Anna Brown

St. Louis Hospital Defends Their Actions After Homeless Woman Dies In Jail Cell Where She Was Taken After Refusing To Leave Emergency Room

The hospital that called one-time on poor Anna Brown, sending her to a jail cell where she died, claims they’ve done nothing wrong. Continue »


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