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December 18th, 2013
8:49 AM EST

Kanye’s Cottonfield? Why This Industry Insider May Actually Have A Great Idea, Someone Get Yeezy On The Phone [Video]

Industry insider Felisha Booker is offering that for Kanye West to stake his claim in fashion that he heads south and get one of them cotton fields. Hmmm, sounds like a master plan and what Spike Lee has been right

November 3rd, 2013
11:04 AM EST

Race Matters: New Study Shows White Americans Who Own Guns Are Likely To Be “Symbolic” Racists

A new study is showing that most white Americans who own guns are not big fans of black people.

October 31st, 2013
10:22 AM EST

Dear Bossip: We Partied Together, But Now We Have Children & He Continues To Party

Dear Bossip,

Writing in for advice is so out of my norm, but I’m at my wits end. I guess I’m looking for perspective mostly.

September 20th, 2013
10:17 AM EST
September 19th, 2013
12:21 PM EST

Dear Bossip: I’m Transgender & Married, But My Wife Lies & It Angers Me & Now We’re Separated

Dear Bossip,

Thanks for responding to my email. Here’s my question, taking a deep breath.

September 13th, 2013
11:10 AM EST

Dear Bossip: We’ve Been Dating For Over A Year & I Think It’s Time We Slept Together

Dear Bossip,

First off, I want to say I am a big fan of yours. I’ve a lot of respect for the answers you’ve given.

July 31st, 2013
9:13 AM EST

Dear Bossip: While I Was Pregnant He Treated Me Like A Dog, But Now He Wants Us To Be Together

Dear Bossip,

I have been dealing with this guy that I met about two years ago. He was my manager at my job.


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