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Is Ray-J Still Blowin’ Whitney “Smoked Out” Houston’s Broke Backs To Smithereens?!?!?

Whitney Houston and Ray J at Sunset Plaza, the superstar singer and singer/reality star step of dinner together and are all smiles as they head to his Rolls Royce and make their departure. She chats about possibly joining 'The X-Factor' cast and she likes the idea. Ray J is a gentleman and secures her in the vehicle planning her seatbelt on for her. He heads to the drivers side and she makes sure to open the lock to his side for him to enter.

Well looky here… Old “habits” sure are hard to break ain’t they? Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In… Kodak Files Bankruptcy Because They Are $7 Billi In The Hole!!!

Kodak film

Damn shame that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and not dollars! Continue »

This Broad Is Triflin’ As Hell! Hospice Worker Raised $30K From Friends For Fake Bout With Cancer!

Jennifer Risa Stover

We all know the recession is real, especially when the checks stop coming in, but it’s sad what some folks will do for gwap these days. Continue »

99 Problems And Selling Clothes Must Be 1: Hovi Hov’s RocaWear Lays Off Most Of Its Employees

99 Problems And Selling Clothes Must Be 1: Hovi Hov's RocaWear Lays Off Most Of Its Employees

We’ve all been so busy talking about the birth of Princess Blue Ivy Carter that we didn’t notice some less than happy news out of the Jay-Z camp. Continue »

Another Day, Another Reality Show: The “BMF Wives” Want To Be On TV Too!

BMF girlfriends

Wasn’t it all that flossin’ that got BMF in trouble in the first place??? Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: The Top Financial F**k Ups Of 2011

We all have suffered financial hardships and with the falling economy, sky-high unemployment rates, and home foreclosures out the wazoo…2011 was definitely Continue »

Poor Thang! Fantasia Wants Her Still Married Baby Daddy To Pay Some Bills


Isn’t this the kind of thing you’re supposed to figure out BEFORE the baby arrives??? Continue »

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Brandy Tweets Photo Of Her Next Career Move???

Dayum Brandy! Is this what it’s come to??? Continue »

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