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Details Of Karrine Steffans Tumultuous Relationship With “Power” Actor Rotimi

Karrine Steffans recently revealed that she was pregnant with Olurotimi Akinosha’s child. Olurotimi is also known as singer Rotimi and better known as Dre from the Starz hit show “Power”.

In typical Karrine Steffans fashion, she didn’t just burn the bridge, she dropped a bomb and stood back to take selfies in the midst of the chaos.

We recently spoke to a gentleman close to her with intimate knowledge of her tumultuous relationship with the young actor.

Here’s what he had to say…

Describe Rotimi & Karrine’s relationship.

Rotimi & Karrine met in 2012, back when she was married to her second husband. He was actually her side-piece until she got divorced and they continued the relationship after that.

It progressed pretty quickly. As soon as they saw each other they just kind of got together. There wasn’t a friendship period. Initially they were just together. He was a side-piece so it was just very passionate and sexual. He was only 22 at the time and she was 33 or 34 . It was initially physical and then they took a break and just remained friends for awhile until she divorced her husband and then she went back to him.

Was this tryst supposed to be on the low?

They were together all the time in LA and then in New York recently they were together at the ‘Power’ premiere party in his VIP section in June.

What was she telling her friends about Rotimi?

She explains that they’re just friends. Sometimes she refers to him as her “husband”. She says that he’s her spiritual equal. She’s been married twice before but she doesn’t count her legal married husbands as her “husbands”. They were just people she married. He (Rotimi) was her “husband” because of their spiritual connection and she referred to him as that to her close friends.

Usually when a woman has a “husband” a pregnancy is something that is discussed and planned.

Flip it over to see what Karrine’s chatty patty pal had to say about that…

Were Karrine and Rotimi actively TRYING to have a baby?

The pregnancy wasn’t unplanned. It was just a situation where they were together, they trusted each other, so whatever happened happened. There wasn’t a “Don’t get pregnant” conversation. There was no birth control. There was nothing. They just had a mutually consenting relationship where whatever happened happened and they would deal with it as it came.

How did Karrine’s tell Rotimi that she was pregnant with his child?

Karrine was on tour in June and she actually hadn’t told him at that point. She didn’t find out until May. They weren’t together face-to-face until June. She wanted to wait until she got to NY for the ‘Power’ premiere party and her book party. Everything was happening the same day. She was waiting for the right time to tell him in person instead of over the phone. They had been apart for a few weeks. She got to NY and didn’t get a chance to tell him. She got into a fight at the ‘Power’ party and they stopped talking for awhile. By the time she finally told him, it was July.

There was a girl at the ‘Power’ party who was inappropriate with him and Karinne was with him so there was a fight. She ended up not talking to Rotimi for another month or so.

How did he find out that Karrine miscarried?

They were in two different cities. It was via text messages and photos of what was happening. He was concerned about her health but wouldn’t discuss in depth what happened. He was more concerned with the anemic issues and the tumors she had to have removed, but he never mentioned the baby.

Keep flipping for more…

What made Karrine air Rotimi out on Instagram post?

All of July-September, they had been dealing with this. He knew she was at the end of her rope and he shut down. He would discuss everything else but not the baby. It was hurtful to her because she couldn’t discuss it. It’s a very personal matter. You want to talk to the person that you are going through it with. He wasn’t available to her for that conversation. They could talk about anything else in the world but he would not discuss it. It was I think really painful for her.

He was trying to build an image to be perfect publicly. He was very concerned in general of what people knew about him personally because his career is so new. She discussed that because that was his fear, it would be the button that she would push if he kept pushing her. He knew 15 minutes ahead of time.

What was Rotimi’s reaction to his public undressing?

“Why? I was going to talk to you in a couple of weeks!”

They were scheduled to be together in a couple of weeks in NY. She felt like it had been weeks and weeks already. She needed to discuss it with him but he shut down even before the miscarriage. Everyone knew it was going to happen because her body was failing with the tumors and anemia. She had no one else to talk to. But he knew and they have spoken since this has happened.

How is their relationship now?

Karrine is done with him. She hopes he is done also. She wouldn’t have burned a bridge if she was planning on going back. This isn’t the first thing. This is the 100th thing she has dealt with with him. She had had enough. She never planned on going back.

Sounds like one big clusterf**k.

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