Mo'Nique Speaks On Her Open Marriage On "Sway In The Morning"

Hi Haters: Mo’Nique Says THIS Is Why She’s Still In A Happily Open Marriage With Her Hubby

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“It was my idea 11 years ago…”—Mo’Nique

Mo’Nique Speaks On Her Open Marriage

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Remember when we told you that Mo’Nique was dishing on her open marriage with her hubby on their podcast?

Well she’s continuing to promote her radio show and recently dished on it to “Sway In The Morning.”

According to Mo, she’s still happily married and despite widespread criticism, their marriage is still open. Why? Because she made that decision 11 years ago and it’s “made her appreciate what she has.”


“You’re in an open relationship, so he gets to go out and bang out whoever he wants right?”


“This is what’s so juicy about this Sway, because everybody always goes to my husband. Everybody automatically goes to so ‘he gets to do what he wants to do, and Mo’Nique gave him a pass to whatever he wanted to do.’

It wasn’t my husband’s idea, it was my idea 11 years ago. 11 years ago I was in a place of, ‘I want my cake, I wanna eat it too.’ I’m famous. […]

We’ve since evolved but still in an open marriage. If my husband should sleep with another woman, is that the end of our marriage? No. If I should sleep with another man, or have sex — if we gon’ do the do is that the end? No. But we’re open and honest with one another to have the conversation,” she explained.

“So when people say cheat, how do you cheat? When you say here are the answers and what that does is, what it did for me, it made me really appreciate what I had.”

She also made sure to emphasize that their open marriage is about more than sex, it’s about honesty.

“So what if a guy came in and rearranged that vertebrae in a way that your husband hasn’t?”


“There’s no man that can because I have the greatest human being on the face of this earth and his name is Sidney Hicks.

We’ve evolved, we’re almost 50 years old now. We’re still honest with one another. […] What we said was we won’t have to leave this earth with secrets. […] It’s so beyond that [sex], it’s so beyond that.”

So it sounds like people have had Mo’Nique’s marriage misconstrued—it’s not just about being open to sex, it’s about being open to your spouse. That makes much more sense, riiiight?

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