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David Otunga Wants Primary Custody, Accuses Jennifer Hudson Of Cheating

And we are telling youuuuuuu—this…is…going…to…get…messy!  Jennifer Hudson’s ex-fiancee of 10 years has apparently filed some court documents of his own and he’s denying claims that he harassed or abused the songstress.

As previously reported J. Hud’s been granted an order of protection against former wrestler/lawyer David Otunga in “the best interest of their son.”

Interestingly enough, David apparently thinks the best interest of their son lies with him and he wants primary custody of their boy, David Otunga, Jr.

Otunga’s speaking out via his attorney Tracy M. Rizzo who released a statement to PEOPLE on his behalf.

According to Rizzo, J. Hud filed the protective order to stop David from getting primary custody of their son because he’d likely be granted residential care considering J. Hud’s busy schedule and world travels.

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“David Otunga has been trying to negotiate the terms of an amicable parenting agreement with Ms. Hudson for several weeks now,” the statement read.

“However, when it became apparent to Ms. Hudson that Mr. Otunga would be the parent granted residential care of the child, as a result of Mr. Otunga being the child’s primary caregiver while Ms. Hudson pursues her career all over the world, Ms. Hudson decided to file a meritless Petition for Order of Protection in an effort to gain an unfair advantage in the custody dispute,” the statement continued.

Furthermore, Rizzo says J. Hud tried to give an “award-winning performance” against her client and she’s categorically denying abuse and harassment claims on David’s behalf.

“As a result of Mr. Otunga’s career in the WWE, Ms. Hudson felt that she could give an award-winning performance in court to portray herself as the victim. Mr. Otunga has never abused or harassed Ms. Hudson or their son, and it is unfortunate, especially in today’s climate, that she would feel the need to make these false allegations against him. Mr. Otunga looks forward to his day in court and in being awarded the residential care of the parties’ only child,” the statement concluded.

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Interestingly enough David recently posted on IG that his son is “all he needs.”

Should we have known there was trouble in paradise???

That’s not all however, David apparently thinks J. Hud’s been creeping in their relationship and he’s suspecting that it’s with SOMEONE in particular, hit the flip.

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David allegedly accused Jennifer of secretly sleeping with Mali Music. Mali who’s a gospel artist is apprently producing behind the scenes for J. Hud who admitted to The Breakfast Club that she’s a HUGE fan of his.
Jennifer adds that after David most recently accused her of sleeping with Mali, he pushed her out of their master suite after she got home from a recording session.

Via TMZ:

She claims on Wednesday she was at a recording session in Chicago with their son, David Jr., and David made a series of phone calls to reach her. When he couldn’t get her, he asked their son to record the scene. Hudson says David wanted their son to show she was dating one of her producers … something she denies.

She says when she got home David was visibly angry, grabbed David Jr. by the hand and physically pushed Hudson out of the master suite. She claims their son, a makeup artist and an assistant all witnessed the incident.
Jenn also claims in court docs she’s experienced threatening behavior from the 6’3″ 240 lb professional wrestler including an incident where he left a gun and holster on their kitchen counter.

“He said it was a movie prop, but Hudson says, “David knows that I am and have been very sensitive to firearms after my mother and my brother were murdered by a firearm.” She says, “I believe that he left it out to taunt, intimidate and frighten me, which he absolutely accomplished.”

Oh hell naw.

We told you this was gonna get messy, who do you believe in the J. Hud VS David Otunga breakup???

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