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LHHNY’s Jonathan Fernandez

Celebrity Makeup Artists Talks Relationships, Makeup & Going From Behind The Camera To The Front

“Love & Hip Hop: New York’s” newest cast member said he can understand why some fans were perplexed when he came onto the show.

But after working behind the scenes on the LHH franchises for years and developing close friendships with fellow show stars Yandy Smith, Emily B and Anais, image consultant Jonathan Fernandez said it was a natural move for him to go from behind to the front of the camera.

“I’m friends with Yandy, I’m friends with Juju, I’m friends with Anais, I’m friends with Mariah,” Fernandez said. “There’s so many of the girls on the show (who I’m close to). It was a natural progression. It’s not like I just came up out of nowhere.”

The celebrity makeup artist – who is one half of the first gay couple to be featured on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” – sat down with BOSSIP to talk about his time on the show, his relationship with hip-hop artist Trent and that time he did First Lady Melania Trump’s hair.

BOSSIP: What’s it like being on “Love & Hip Hop?”

JF: “I’m living my life. It’s funny to watch myself, because I never realized how dramatic I am, how over the top. Just this past week I saw a scene with Anais and I, and my eyes literally like they were going to pop out of my head and land on the table!”

BOSSIP: Tell us about your storyline this season.

JF: “Anytime you go on television with a partner of yours, you wanna be that couple that gives hope to so many gay relationships…We’re gonna stick together, we’re gonna be brothers. A partnership. But gay relationships are just like straight relationships. We go through our s**t, there’s infidelity. All the problems that plague the straight couples plague us as well. But you have to remember, it’s two men. It’s twice the testosterone…You don’t wanna get played on national TV, so you react. ”

BOSSIP: We heard that you used to do First Lady Melania Trump’s hair. What was that like?

JF: “I was a colorist in the salon in the Trump Tower. I actually ended up working with Trump and Melania. I did Melania’s hair a couple of times, and she’s a sweetheart. She’s such a tender spirit. She’s very calming and maternal. Very caring. She’s the type who’ll walk into a room and remember everybody’s name. Ask you about your family. At the time, my sister was pregnant so she would ask me, ‘how’s your sister, how’s your family?’ She’s a great person.”



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