Exclusive: Meet LHHNY's New Cast Member Celeb Makeup Artist Jonathan Fernandez

Exclusive: Meet LHHNY’s New Cast Member Celeb Makeup Artist Jonathan Fernandez

- By Bossip Staff

LHHNY’s Jonathan Fernandez

BOSSIP: What are your top makeup tips?
JF: “I think makeup is simpler than we make it out to be. I think Instagram and YouTube have f**ked up the game. I think everybody now wants to be this Instagram tutorial celebrity person…most women, in all actuality, don’t need all that makeup. It’s about feeling beautiful. It’s not about putting on a mask or buying all these products to look like celebrities. It’s about looking like the best version of yourself.”

BOSSIP: What is the status of your relationship with Trent? In the super trailer for “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” we see you two argue after you found out that he’s been active on Grindr.
JF: “Obviously, there’s so much that I can’t talk about yet. What I can say is (Trent) and I dated and it’s played out on camera. Things got heavy really fast…As you can see in the super trailer, things started out great, but I wanted more in the relationship…I felt like he was not as devoted to our relationship as I was. And you add the stress of living out your relationship in front of the world, feeling like you light be getting played. You can imagine how things can go left…Once the audience sees the whole season, they’ll understand why I react the way that I do, because so many things unfold, and there’s a better explanation of why I am so reactive.”

BOSSIP: What’s next for you?
JF: “My biggest project right now is my makeup line (out early next year). This is something I’ve dreamt of doing for well over 10 years. When you’re a celebrity makeup artist, you kind of devote your life to someone else because their schedules are so gruesome. There’s not a lot of time for you to go to a lab and play with stuff. I realized that I’ve deprived myself of my own dream for so long, but I was chasing another dream.”



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